​Digital Menu Boards Cost – Why They’re Worth the Price

digital menu boards costAre you finally ready to give your restaurant a modern makeover? One of the places you should start is with your menu boards. If you still use printed material, it is time for a change. Digital elements are now an important part of many businesses, including restaurants. MOXY Restaurant Solutions has been helping modernize restaurants for years. Owners often wonder what digital menu boards cost but they are always worth the investment.

The benefits of digital menu boards cost

Digital menu boards make your life easier

If your restaurant is like most, you have certain food items that never change. However, you probably also add new things periodically and run specials. Prices may have to change several times a year. How do you handle these items? Do you have to make hand-written signs? Are there posters you put up and then have to take down? Digital menu boards eliminate the hassle and costs of printing and replacing signs.

With a digital menu board, you can quickly and easily add new dishes to your offerings. As soon as you have a special to promote, you can get it up on your board almost instantly. You will never again have to worry about hanging signs. Use any internet-connected device, even your smartphone or tablet, to make a change instantly.

Integration with your POS system

If you are considering upgrading to digital menus, you will of course want to get your money’s worth. With MOXY Restaurant Solutions, we can link digital menu boards cost to your POS system. If you add items or update pricing in your system, you can immediately transmit this information to your digital menus. We can also provide integration with your website and mobile site solutions.

MOXY Restaurant Solutions can supply you with whatever you need

Whatever you need for your digital menus, MOXY Restaurant Solutions offers it. We can provide you with monitors and all other necessary hardware. Plus, we can create the content. This could include video, animation, image rotation, and anything else you are looking for. We even have an in-house food photographer to present your menu items in the most mouth-watering photos or videos. Get in touch with us to discuss your digital menu boards. Estimates are always free and we can help you choose exactly the right hardware and software for your unique requirements.