​Digital Signage – Wow Customers from the Start

digital signageAnyone who runs a brick-and-mortar business knows the difficulties of attracting and retaining customers. This is a challenge that restaurant owners face every day. With so many restaurants to choose from, if you can attract patrons to your business, this is a victory. But that is really only half the battle. Once they are inside, you then have to create a great experience for them. You have to impress them at that moment and also entice them to return. This is where digital signage can play a major role.

What digital signage can mean for your restaurant

If you have customers that come in all the time, they probably know exactly what is on your menu. But what about the new folks? For them, you have to showcase who you are and what you offer the moment they step inside. Digital signs are an excellent way to do this. Immediately you can present your food items in a dynamic and eye-catching manner. This also gives you a great opportunity to showcase specials and promotions. Both your new customers and all of your regulars will appreciate this.


One of the best aspects of digital signage is that it is so easy to use. You have the option to connect your signs with your POS system. This makes keeping track of any pricing changes simple. Your digital signs can also have a link to your website, enabling you to have complete control.

Increases your bottom line

These eye-catching signs allow you to promote your higher-margin menu items and specials. In turn, restaurants often immediately see an increase in revenues and profits. This small investment pays for itself very quickly, thus providing you with a great ROI.

MOXY Restaurant Solutions has your digital sign solutions

Whatever type of digital signs your restaurant is looking for, MOXY Restaurant Solutions will create a customized solution for you. We offer a variety of options, including animation, video, and image rotation. In addition, we will take care of all hardware components. To discuss your project in detail, get in touch with us to speak to one of our experts.