​Dinerware POS – Serves Solutions to Save Time and Money

Dinerware POSBenjamin Franklin said it best. Time is money. Time, in itself, is a commodity of sorts. We all strive to bottle it up and save it whenever possible. MOXY Restaurant Solutions can do just that. In fact, we can save you both time and money with Dinerware POS. With an easy-to-use platform, Dinerware’s Point-of-Sale system delivers robust features typically found in higher-priced options.

Money-Saving Features of Dinerware POS

To begin saving money, it helps to know what is coming in and going out. Keep track of financials on the fly. In addition to the Restaurant Financial Report, real-time reporting allows you to view inventory reports, payroll, voids and more. Then, schedule email delivery or export in .csv, PDF or .xls format to stay up-to-date. Multiple revenue centers allow you to categorize sales and define them by job and/or section then generate detailed sales reports.

Additionally, reduce costly errors with powerful discount rules and bar tabs. Create comps and coupons in advance; choose when they are available to customers. And, avoid loss with bar tabs that pre-charge customer credit cards.

Furthermore, you can finally escape extra fees! Dinerware POS processes online ordering within your system’s existing credit card integration. This fantastic feature eradicates the need for a second merchant account. Better yet, its built-in gift card program manages cards without transaction or swipe fees.

Finally, happy clients mean less loss due to comped meals. Forbes estimates that businesses lose billions of dollars each year as a result of poor customer service. Dinerware uses two tools to keep you at your best. The built-in Customer Relationship Manager handles customer preferences and enhances relationships. Fresh Sheet helps avoid embarrassing moments with a home screen quantity countdown. No one wants to hear “I’m sorry, we’re sold out,” after the customer places their order.

Time-Saving Features of a Point-of-Sale System

Changing menu items and pricing consumes a significant amount of time. What you do in one area, you must repeat in another, and often, multiple areas. In addition, you must pay to have new signs and menus printed every time something changes! This is no longer an issue when you integrate MoxyVISION digital signage with your Point-of-Sale system. In just a few clicks, you can update menus on your website, mobile site and digital signage from your POS unit!

Equally innovative features that save you and your staff time include:

  • Quick & Intuitive Menu Building
  • Live System™ Technology
  • Coursing
  • Table Layout
  • Robust Bill Splitting
  • Server Closeout Reports
  • Fast Pay™
  • Scale Integration
  • User Access/Security
  • Inventory and Payroll Management

The team at MOXY Restaurant Solutions works with many systems and has been developing some of their own. Innovation and attention to detail ensure that you receive the best solutions possible. Of course, from training to implementation, we are here to help you every step of the way. Start saving time and money today with one phone call: 336-588-9405!