Why Dinerware Stands Out Above All Other POS Systems

DinerwareDo your employees need an easier way to split bills or figure out table layouts? Perhaps your manager needs more efficient inventory control. Then the Dinerware POS system is the answer. MOXY Restaurant Solutions is the firm that will program, install, train and manage this new POS system for your restaurant. If you prefer, you can handle updates and menu changes from any smartphone or tablet.

Why Dinerware is at the Top

  • Inventory Management – Manage your inventory right from the restaurant or remotely. This system easily keeps up with usage and lets you know what to reorder.
  • Payroll Management – This one system also keeps up with your employee’s hours. You can access payroll reports at any time.
  • Bill-Splitting – Easily take away the headache of splitting bills for multiple parties. Your servers will thank you!
  • Table Layout – The host will be able to assign tables with ease. There will be less confusion for servers on who has what table.
  • Online Ordering – Take out the extra steps! This system will send online orders straight to the kitchen. Moreover, payments process directly through the system.
  • User Access/Security – Multiple users have the ability to access the system. Individuals can have a specific amount of access depending on their job.

These are all impressive features for any POS system. Yet, this is only half of what Dinerware offers their customers. Visit their website for even more features and services that this top-of-the-line POS system offers.

MOXY Restaurant Solutions Links it all Together

No one knows better how to connect the top POS system to your restaurant. MOXY Restaurant Solutions has the experience and knowledge to provide your unique business with the solutions it needs. Their expert staff has the ability to integrate this new POS system into your establishment. Then, they will train you and your team on how to use it. Finally, they will continue their support by managing your system so that is one less task on your to-do-list.

When you team Dinerware technology with the expertise of MOXY Restaurant Solutions, you are positioning your business for success. Contact MOXY Restaurant Solutions today to experience the ease and benefit of the top POS system.