​Drive Through Menu Boards Help You Attract Customers To Your Business

drive through menu boardsDigital signs are extremely popular in the restaurant industry right now. And it’s easy to see why. Digital signs are a stylish and modern way to show content and to promote and advertise high-margin items. Digital signage also makes a great first impression on new customers. With the help of MOXY Restaurant Solutions, digital signs can save money and generate significant ROI. In fact, most brands experience up to a 20% sales lift when they start using digital signage. But did you know these benefits can also extend to restaurants with drive-throughs? MOXY Restaurant Solutions can help design your drive through menu boards to attract customers and drive sales.

Stand Out with Drive Through Menu Boards

Just like digital signs inside, drive-through signage can attract customers, promote specials, and much more. But your menus are only as strong as your content. MOXY Restaurant Solutions can provide content and other services to help you succeed. Be as creative as you want and let us build content that works. Use our in-house food photographer to show your dishes in the most appetizing format. We can turn your vision into a reality. Restaurants often experience a 20% sales lift after incorporating digital promotional displays. Eliminate the costs of traditional signage and upgrade your look today by calling MOXY Restaurant Solutions.

Compatible with your POS system

If we currently provide your restaurant’s POS system, then you’ll reap even more benefits. MOXY Restaurant Solutions offers Dinerware POS systems in our solutions. This equipment offers reliable performance with an easy-to-use interface. The intuitive features make it easy for employees to handle all tasks more efficiently and turn over tables more quickly. Best of all, updates to the POS system will push automatically to your digital menus. Menu price changes happen with a click on any hand-held device. No more paying for new printed menus every time you make a change. Streamline your updates and let us provide your drive through menu boards and POS system.

Features of the Dinerware POS system from Heartland include:

  • Quick and Easy Menu Building—create new menu items and make changes in seconds from anywhere.
  • Live System Technology—make live changes that update in real time.
  • Powerful Reports—get actionable insights from financial reports and many data analyses to track your business’ performance.
  • Discount Rules—promote specials or discounts quickly and easily.
  • Digital Signage—integrate MoxyVISION digital signage for automatic menu updating.
  • Inventory Management—manage inventory directly from the console or remotely.
  • Payroll Management—keep track of all hours for employees to handle payroll efficiently.
  • Bar Tabs—easily keep track of bar tabs and integrate with popular third-party apps.

There are so many benefits from upgrading to digital signs, menus and POS systems that integrate, why wait another minute? Today, your customers expect attractive signage with video and crisp graphics. Your wait staff needs the tools to work more efficiently. Your bottom line will reflect the benefits of installing an integrated system that improves everything about the way your restaurant functions.