​Gift Card Programs for Small Business Success

There’s a reason so many people give gift cards as birthday or holiday presents: people love them! They’re easy and guaranteed to please, and projected to continue their explosive growth in 2017 and beyond. This means that gift card programs for small business are an effective way to build brand awareness and increase cash flow. All you need is a marketing partner with gift card expertise — which is why you need MOXY Restaurant Solutions.

gift card programs for small businessGift Cards Are Big — And Getting Bigger

According to WalletHub’s consumer survey:

  • Gift cards are projected to be a $149 billion market in 2017.
  • In 2015, almost 1 in 3 consumers surveyed said they expected to purchase a restaurant gift card.
  • Consumers bought an average of 3.4 gift cards each in the 2015 holiday shopping season.
  • The average value of a gift card purchased in the 2015 holiday shopping season was $44.80.

What does this mean for your business? That you shouldn’t miss out on this burgeoning source of income and customer engagement! If you’re not selling gift cards for the holidays, you’re probably leaving money on the table.

Why Gift Card Programs for Small Business Make Sense

Gift card programs are both a proven money maker/brand builder and a continually expanding market. Why is that?

  • Your loyal customers love your products — you can turn them into brand ambassadors with gift cards!
  • Gift cards are a great add-on to up-sell at the end of a meal. Especially during the holidays, it gives your guests an easy way to cross one more item off their list.
  • If you need a promotional giveaway for charity events, office parties, and more, gift cards are an ideal choice.
  • Gift cards provide an immediate infusion of cash for your bottom line.

How MOXY Restaurant Solutions Can Help

MOXY Restaurant Solutions’ gift card programs for small business are fully integrated and customizable. We can integrate gift cards into your existing POS, use our own Dinerware POS, or explore other options. MOXY produces durable, attractive gift cards your guests will love, available in sleeves or envelopes. Every product you offer reflects your business’s values and goals, so we make sure they function seamlessly and look top-notch!

We also offer loyalty programs to reward your best customers and bring in more repeat business. Just like our gift cards, loyalty programs are easily integrated with existing POS systems. MOXY also offers promotional materials to make sure your customers know what they’re missing if they’re not signed up. Loyalty programs are a great way to increase customer satisfaction and make your guests feel they’re getting their money’s worth.

Gift card programs for small business are a great opportunity, so make sure you’re working with an expert. MOXY Restaurant Solutions has years of experience in digital marketing and promotions. We’ve got the expertise to make sure you get results you and your guests will love. To get started, call 336-588-9405.