​Heartland Dinerware System Helps Refine Restaurant Management

Heartland DinerwareAs restaurateurs well know, restaurant management is so much more than creating and serving food. The list of responsibilities is long. Fortunately, with the aid of modern technology, overseeing multiple functions is easier to manage than in the past. Heartland Dinerware helps fine tune the process with a flexible and easy-to-use system tailored for all of your needs.

How MOXY Restaurant Solutions Helps

There are several reasons to update and integrate your current systems. First, why do things separately if you don’t have to? A Point-Of-Sale system makes managing menu items and inventory seamless. You can view financials such as payroll management, voids, sales and more on just one platform. Heartland Dinerware helps you cut out steps making you and your staff more efficient. Online orders go directly to the kitchen. Also, you can divide coursing by order and seat positions. And, you have the ability to process payments without the need for a second merchant account.

Second, you don’t want to fall behind as modern technology and new rules shift. Vendors are updating their systems and practices. Without compatible software, you may miss opportunities to streamline your processes. Furthermore, the EMV Liability Shift now holds establishments responsible for fraudulent purchases. MOXY Restaurant Solutions can help you make the conversion and save you substantial processing fees. We can integrate with most POS systems.

Finally, there is no need to handle everything alone. MOXY Restaurant Solutions is with you every step of the way. We can help you manage tablet and terminal POS, secure payments, gift cards and loyalty programs. Our experienced staff can assist with all phases of restaurant marketing and management. Thus, we provide additional services as needed. We have expertise in digital signage, responsive websites, posting social media, designing print collateral and handling food photography.

Heartland Dinerware POS Features

This diverse point-of-sale system created by restaurateurs for restaurateurs is intuitive and easy to use. Management functions are live and require no system restarts. You can change menu options on the fly and view real-time reporting including payroll, voids, daily sales and discounts. Other features include:

  • Powerful Discount Rules
  • Multiple Revenue Centers
  • Digital Signage
  • Coursing
  • Inventory Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Table Layout
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)
  • Fresh Sheet
  • Server Closeout Reports
  • Scale Integration
  • User Access/Security

Servers and customers, both directly and indirectly, benefit from: robust bill splitting, bar tabs, fast pay and online ordering. Encourage gift card purchases with a built-in gift card program.

Call MOXY Restaurant Solutions today so that we can help you find the most cost-effective system for your restaurant!