​Indoor Menu Boards by MOXY Restaurant Solutions

indoor menu boardsCustomers walk into restaurants across the country ready to dine on delicious choices. When they walk up to the counter, you want the indoor menu boards – or digital signage – to blow them away. MOXY Restaurant Solutions can make sure that your customers are impressed and anxious to try your dishes.

Benefits of Digital

With traditional menu boards, restaurants need to change the listed items frequently. Therefore, there is a constant cost for upkeep. Designing and printing costs can become expensive. Plus, the restaurant has to wait for the printed menus to arrive before the new menu goes up. This process may take weeks or a month to complete.

Changing menus typically happens seasonally. However, changing prices occur at any time. Imagine creating a new menu board (design, printing, and delivery) for just a few price changes!

Using digital signage not only saves you time, but it can also save you money in the long-run. Menu changes can occur quickly. Just log in and make the necessary changes. This is extremely beneficial when you only need small changes, such as prices or ingredients. Large changes, such as a new seasonal menu, can be changed from any device in minutes.

Increased Profit

Digital menu boards also get more attention from your customers. The “AHH” factor is in play, and customers have trouble ignoring the messages. In fact, MOXY Restaurant Solutions details a story about a couple of Wendy’s locations that offered special Frostys for a limited time through digital signage. Those locations received an increase in sales by approximately a $500 margin for the week! Multiply that by four to create a $2,000 increased profit margin per month! Digital signage has the ability to pay for itself! You promote your higher-margin items and with the increase in profit, the menu board pays for itself very quickly!

Indoor Menu Boards Have So Many Options

Conventional menu boards do not have the options that digital signage provides. MOXY Restaurant Solutions will help you customize your digital signage to fit the needs of your restaurant and clientele:

Integration of Dinerware POS System: Linking your indoor menu boards to your point of sale (POS) system can be a great benefit to your business. Change a price in Dinerware POS and watch your board automatically change!

Image Rotators: Set your boards to rotate images as needed. Show some breakfast photos and change them to lunch photos by creating a scheduled time to make the switch. Promote daily or time-of-day specials the same way. Upcoming events? Set the schedule to promote them frequently.

Full Motion Video and Animations: If you really want to get your customers’ attention, make something move on your board! Your customers’ eyes will watch the screen intently as videos or animations come alive.

If an indoor digital menu is something your restaurant could benefit from, make sure you call MOXY Restaurant Solutions at 336-588-9405. By integrating your systems, you can potentially achieve amazing results. Contact them to schedule a consultation today!