​Restaurant Marketing is Vital for Growth

restaurant marketingAccording to the National Restaurant Association, as of 2017 there are over one million restaurants in the United States. Consequently, restaurant owners are wondering how they will stand out among all the competition. This is why restaurant marketing is vital to your business.

MOXY Restaurant Solutions has the marketing tools to make your business stand out. They do this by implementing effective strategies that will improve your brand and sales.

Restaurant Marketing Techniques

Point of Sale

One profitable solution is using the Dinerware Point-of-Sale system. This system has numerous features, such as Live System™ Technology, Payroll Management, Table Layout and Online Ordering.

This POS system is simple to access from multiple terminals. Dinerware is user-friendly and simple to manage. You will find your tables turning over more efficiently, since the order-taking and payment process will take less time. It is ideal for any size restaurant, including multi-location franchises.

Digital Signage

Digital signs are ideal for clients looking for ROI solutions. This type of signage is attention-grabbing and can promote high-margin items or daily specials. By using Moxy’s food photography, your food and drinks will look enticing. These signs are perfect for a small café or a national franchise. They can program these signs to change menu items at different times of day or days of the week. No more climbing on ladders to change menu prices on outdated signs!

MoxyVISION digital signs easily integrate into Point-of-Sale systems. As a result, it is easier to make changes to the signs.

Social Media

Social media posting in order to build a restaurant brand takes experience, time and the right tools. MOXY Restaurant Solutions does this with social media analytics, social media advertising and the know-how to engage your audience. Consequently, it is one of the most effective and cost-efficient marketing tools.

Social media analytics define your target audience through demographic information. As a result, they use the data to direct your posts to the appropriate audience. This same information also helps direct decisions for social media advertising. Social media advertising is budget-friendly, but can produce excellent results.

Finally, engaging your audience is vital to keeping customers. MOXY Restaurant Solutions engages your customers with posts and conversing through comments.


Food visuals make all of us hungry. Most people are more likely to try something new if they see it first. This is why professional photography is essential for marketing a restaurant. Owners are typically surprised to see what professional photos do for their sales.

Food photography works great for social media, commercials, print, websites, digital signs and much more. The simple act of customers seeing and sharing your food photos will help increase sales.

MOXY Restaurant Solutions

MOXY Restaurant Solutions was based upon the experience and expertise of digital marketing and understanding the specific needs of restaurants. They have the solutions to grow your business’ customer base and sales. Contact them for restaurant marketing help. You will see how they make your business stand out!