​Restaurant Online Order Software Options

restaurant online order softwareAt MOXY Restaurant Solutions, most of the questions we receive are about the restaurant online order software product. In this article, we dig through the available choices. Knowing your options and removing the mystery surrounding this vital component of restaurants’ income is critical.

Types of Restaurant Online Order Software


These systems are typically the best route if your POS system has integration capability. Customers place orders online and those orders go directly to your POS system. Tickets print in the kitchen at a pre-determined time before pickup. They also print at the hostess or cashier station. This alerts them that a customer will pick up the order. Payments deposit directly into the merchant’s account and transactions show up in the daily reports.

We recommend the robust Dinerware POS System, which integrates easily with the online ordering software. It creates an efficient, user-friendly method of handling the entire transaction, from order placement to payment by customer.


These systems, in many cases, have integrations with major POS brands. They may not have a direct integration with your current system but can be equally effective. With these systems typically, the order prints to a dedicated receipt printer and a staff member re-enters the order into the existing POS system. Customers pay online and the integration to the POS system is typically a special “Tender Type.” The system then allocates the sale to the online ordering source.


A separate delivery system makes a great supplement to your in-house online ordering system. These systems, have players such as “Grub Hub,” “????,” and newcomer, “Uber Eats,” by the behemoth transportation company. They are all important components to crafting a successful ordering system. We have many customers taking advantage of this growing area of the market. The fees for delivery range from 25 to 32 percent and we quickly point out that the fees are actually reasonable. Your business doesn’t incur the overheads and liabilities of vehicles, labor and other costs associated with self-delivery. Also, these services have their own “built-in” customer base and can start delivering sales to you immediately.


We have been crafting solutions for over 6 years in this quickly emerging field and have tested over 30 systems. Call us today to find out what we have learned. You can have us craft a solution for your business that produces incremental income, efficiency and client acceptance. Any food service business today really can’t remain competitive if they are not using restaurant online order software to increase sales.

In addition, we will help you craft a marketing strategy and ongoing promotions to gain maximum uplift in sales. Integrating an online ordering system into your website, mobile app and Facebook page can lift your sales to the next level. Let us show you how!

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