​Restaurant Ordering System Software – Want to Upgrade?

restaurant ordering system softwareThe right technology can transform any business, including restaurants. If yours still uses an old-fashioned system for ordering, it is probably time for an upgrade. Many eateries now see the benefits of DinerwarePOS, the restaurant ordering system software that makes life easier for everyone. With DinerwarePOS, you can:

Better manage your inventory

With Dinerware POS, you will have access to everything at the touch of a button. This will allow you to always know exactly what is in your inventory. Ordering new items is quick and easy.

Make bill-splitting simple

Nothing puts dread in a waiter or waitress quite like bill splitting. It is especially true when a large party needs multiple bills. But restaurant ordering system software makes splitting fast and hassle-free.

Get to know your customers

Dinerware POS comes with a built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Now it is easier than ever to manage customer information. This will enable you to really get to know your customers, so you can provide them with personalized offers.

Give and receive gift cards

For many restaurants, gift cards are still troublesome. But with DinerwarePOS, there is never any issue, as it includes a built-in gift card program. Plus, there are no fees for transactions or swiping.

Streamline online ordering

A lot of people enjoy restaurant food, but they want to bring it home. This is why online ordering has taken off in recent years. This is another big advantage of DinerwarePOS. Online orders go right to the kitchen, so the right people receive the information. And the system’s credit card integration processes all payments.

MOXY Restaurant Solutions offers restaurant ordering system software

Above are just some of the benefits of the Dinerware POS system. To get more information on what this can do for your restaurant, contact MOXY Restaurant Solutions. Tell us what you are looking for and we will give you a free quote.