​Restaurant Point of Sale (POS) Software will Make Your Life Easier

restaurant POS softwareAnyone who works in a restaurant knows how hectic and stressful they can be. When hungry diners start flocking in and they want their food immediately, this puts a strain on everyone. As a result, efficiency has to be the cornerstone of restaurant operations. Because so many people work together, they need to utilize the right tools for improved cohesion and communication. So, this is where Heartland Dinerware restaurant POS software can be a huge help.

What Heartland Dinerware Restaurant POS Software Offers

Streamlined Service

Once servers take an order through the POS, the kitchen can begin working on it immediately. Instantly, they receive the detailed order. Of course, this will help expedite things immensely. Servers appreciate the ease with which they can split tabs, assign seats and much more. Also, the system allows customers to pay for their meals more quickly, enabling faster table turnover.

Digital Signage Integration

If you use digital signs, you can integrate them with your POS. This will allow for automatic updates of menu pricing. Your website and mobile site can also receive these updates. With a few clicks on a keyboard, you can update all devices with the new prices or menu changes.

Inventory Control

Restaurant POS software can help you keep tabs on your entire inventory. With just a few clicks, you can see exactly what you have in stock. This will make things simpler for ordering purposes.

Online Ordering

When customers place orders online now, who gets this information? Often someone has to relay it to the kitchen, which wastes time. With Dinerware POS, they go right to the kitchen. Plus, your existing credit card integration processes the payments.

Payroll Management

Another great benefit of this POS system is that you can use it for bookkeeping as well. It keeps track of all hours worked, as well as overtime. Then, you can transmit this data to your payroll preparer.

MOXY Restaurant Solutions Install Your POS Software

Best of all, Dinerware POS software makes everyone happy. Your employees will love everything it offers. And, even if they don’t know it’s working behind the scenes, customers will certainly reap the benefits. Today, just contact MOXY Restaurant Solutions and we will set up and install your POS solution. We can get everything up and running quickly.