​Restaurant POS System Does it All Except Washing Dishes

restaurant POS systemThe Heartland Dinerware POS system design has all food and beverage restaurants in mind. This restaurant POS system will manage various areas of your specific needs. MOXY Restaurant Solutions will help you install, set up and manage this system. Moreover, this will give you peace-of-mind that your new system will work properly from the start.

All that Heartland Dinerware POS System Offers

The Heartland Dinerware POS system design makes it ideal for fine dining, bars and even food trucks. In addition, this flexible system makes it easy to set up and accommodates your business’ requirements. So, here are a few of its popular features. For a list of all that this POS system offers visit the MOXY Restaurant Solutions site.

Inventory Management – This feature allows the management of inventory and food costs. In addition, it comes with built-in reports. Thus, it will help you manage inventory and usage from a console, and even remotely.

Table Layout – One way to help hosts and servers is by make table management easier. It does this by creating dining sections with ease. Plus, servers can easily add names to tables for easy identification.

User Access/Security – Now, you will have a system that multiple users can access. You can set up users simply by either job role or by individual. Each user has a unique PIN number for logging in and out. Thus, their assigned level allows them to access only specific functions.

Quick & Intuitive Menu Building – Easily and quickly create new items for your menu. Changes to food and beverage options happen on the fly from any terminal, without system re-starts.

Digital Signage for Restaurant POS System

To make setup and converting easier for all restaurants, our POS systems also links up to MOXY Vision digital signage. Therefore, menu items and prices update to digital signage automatically when changed in the POS system.

Digital sign usage is growing in popularity for many excellent reasons. Restaurants are showing high ROI because they are seeing a 3-5% increase in sales when using digital menu boards. Moreover, there is less cost spent on traditional sign change outs and labor. As a bonus, many restaurants show a 20% increase in sales on items they promote via digital signage. MOXY Restaurant Solutions will help you integrate your POS system with your digital signage.

MOXY Restaurant Solutions Knows POS Systems

The team at MOXY Restaurant Solutions has years of experience in restaurant POS system and management. As a result, they know that the Heartland Dinerware POS system fits all types of food and beverage restaurants and establishments. Today, contact MOXY Restaurant Solutions to make your restaurant business run smoother and make your job easier!