​Restaurant Website Design Gives Customers Online Accessibility

restaurant website designToday, most advertising and marketing is digital. Therefore, if you want your business to grow and be successful, you must learn how to update your web presence. Learning to optimize for search engines is also essential. However, many businesses find that navigating the internet is confusing and complicated. That’s where a marketing agency or firm comes in handy. Introducing MOXY Restaurant Solutions, a company with plenty of online marketing and optimizing experience. They can give your business the boost it needs to reach new audiences and gain new customers. Maybe you own a restaurant in need of a serious website reboot? For a new restaurant website design that is fresh and innovative, contact MOXY Restaurant Solutions.

With MOXY Restaurant Solutions, A Unique Restaurant Website Design Is Possible

Is your restaurant’s website lacking? Never fear, MOXY Restaurant Solutions is here to help. With plenty of restaurant website experience, MOXY Restaurant Solutions can offer choices and re-design your website to suit your needs. Unlike other websites, restaurant website design is special because it requires the integration of many different systems. Additionally, it requires a unique layout to attract customers. Furthermore, the call-to-actions must be clear and easy to find, so visitors can easily become customers. Finally, loyalty programs and free gifts always engage and interest patrons and keep them coming back.

MOXY Restaurant Solutions Knows All the Latest Marketing Trends

Have you dreamed of giving your restaurant’s website a makeover but don’t know where to start? Well, MOXY Restaurant Solutions creates websites using WordPress’s framework. This allows for custom-coded themes specifically for your business. Moreover, you’ll always have access to your site and the search engine benefits that come with WordPress. This means that you’ll always be able to make changes and updates, giving you full control over your site.

One unique feature is the Point-of-Sale (POS) Integration. This feature pairs your website and mobile site to their Dinerware POS solution. When the pricing updates on the POS system, your website, mobile website and your digital menus will automatically update as well.

Another feature is the Universal Events Calendar. Universal events calendars are mobile-friendly and savable to Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal, and more. After each addition to the calendar, your customers’ calendars will automatically update. This feature ensures that your customers’ calendars are always up to date on all the newest events and information.

Besides the two unique features, there are many general features that MOXY Restaurant Solutions can give your business:

  • Complete Online Menus
  • Online Ordering Options
  • Mobile-Responsive Sites
  • Social Feeds and Sharing Integrations
  • Local Directory Integrations
  • Closest Location Finder with Geo-Location
  • Retargeting tags for SEM
  • Loyalty System Integration
  • Reviews Integration
  • Video and Photo Galleries
  • Driving Directions for Google Maps
  • Multi-Location Maps
  • Google Analytics
  • Integration of Specials and Coupons
  • Purchasing Online Gift Cards
  • Merchandise Stores

Don’t wait, act today! Consequently, if your restaurant’s website is lacking, contact MOXY Restaurant Solutions! Your competitors all want to use the latest internet and social media tools; therefore, it’s important to stay ahead of them!