​Why Indoor Menu Boards Are Going Digital

indoor menu boardsNo matter how good your product is, you have to sell it! In restaurants, this is especially true — presentation is everything! That’s why indoor menu boards built with digital display technology are one of the fastest-growing restaurant technologies today. MOXY Restaurant Solutions’ digital menu boards are an industry leader in this blossoming field — and we’ll tell you why.

Indoor Menu Boards Make It Come Alive

Digital menu boards can do what even the best-designed static boards can’t — make your products come alive! Check out the advantages offered by MOXY’s HD digital signage:

  • Science shows that the human brain reacts better to videos and moving images than to still ones or words alone. Our boards allow you to make your menu pop with HD video and images!
  • We offer professional content creation tailored to the specific sales goals you want your menu to achieve.
  • Menus are an ideal way to push specials and upsell guests on appetizers, sides, and desserts.
  • Digital signage produces an increase in ROI from the first day, so the system pays for itself very quickly. Profits increase when you are able to visually promote your higher-margin items!

By the Numbers

We’re committed to achieving outstanding ROI for all of our clients. So, here are the numbers that show why digital menu boards are a great investment:

  • Many brands have seen a 3-5% increase in sales after installing digital menu boards.
  • When we add promotional displays, some brands have reached a 20% uptick.
  • A Wendy’s with digital promotional boards showing its special on Frosty desserts added $500 a week to its margin.

For more hard numbers on just how effective digital signage is, check out this illuminating infographic from Digital Signage Today!

A Powerful Combo: Dinerware POS and Digital Menus

At MOXY Restaurant Solutions, we believe that integrating your systems is the way of the future. To that end, we’ve partnered with Heartland Dinerware POS, a cutting-edge POS system that seamlessly integrates with digital menus.

  • Automatically update your menu boards when you change your menu in Dinerware .
  • Add and delete items on-the-fly.
  • Control management functions from a terminal, tablet, or mobile device, including payroll and inventory.

In addition, restaurant professionals helped designed Dinerware, so it’s built by people who know the restaurant business inside and out. That’s why it’s the smart and efficient way to control the way your restaurant functions!

Indoor menu boards are the new smart investment for restaurants of all sizes, and MOXY Restaurant Solutions can help. Call MOXY Restaurant Solutions today at 336-588-9405 or contact us online.