​With Dinerware – Put Your Customers’ Needs First

DinerwareRestaurant management is challenging and fast-paced. Thus, you must be ready for anything and everything. However, one thing you should not have to worry about is how to accommodate your guests. Every customer has different needs. Hence, you need to be able to quickly respond. From MOXY Restaurant Solutions comes the perfect tool to make restaurant life easier. Introducing Dinerware, the tool that puts the power back in your hands and allows you to focus on your customers.

Dinerware Is the Groundbreaking Tool Used by Thousands of Restaurants Worldwide

As a restaurant owner, you never want to have to say no to your customers. Pleasing them is your number one concern. Therefore, you need a system that can handle complicated requests. Dinerware POS (Point of Sale system) makes complicated things simple. With this tool, placing orders, splitting tabs, processing payments, reviewing sales, and using and tracking gift cards just became easier. Also, this tool can display menus and takes only 30 seconds to modify. Henceforth, changing the menu or creating a promotion is easy and quick to do. Lastly, these devices come from Heartland, which is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to POS systems.

MOXY Restaurant Solutions Is Ready to Help You Integrate POS with Digital Signage

Digital signage is replacing print menus and signs in most businesses. Most likely, your competitors have implemented these already. Now, the attractive screens can showcase your menu, food photos, informative videos or stream news and traffic. In fact, these systems are perfect for upscale, fast-food, or casual restaurants, cafés, hotels, casinos, bars and any commercial facility. So, there’s a good reason why over 35,000 restaurants worldwide have adopted this digital software. The reason is clear: usability. Since it’s changeable in under a minute from any keyboard, it’s perfect for the fast-moving restaurant world. Also, we carry sizes from small wall-mounted monitors to 32-inch digital menu boards, perfect for displaying full menus.

Although upgrading may seem like a difficult task, MOXY Restaurant Solutions can walk you through the entire process. Whether you require a new POS system, new or upgraded digital signage, or both, we’re ready to help. At all times, we are available…for installation, training, integrating systems, monitoring and even troubleshooting. In addition, we can handle updates, if you prefer.

Upgrade, You’ll Be Glad You Did

Therefore, while restaurant management can sometimes be hectic, you can simplify the process with Dinerware. Changing the way restaurants function, this system is ready to make your life easier. Today, for more information, contact us. We’re here to help!