A Restaurant POS System – How to Choose One for Your Growing Business

restaurant POS systemIf you’re trying to grow a thriving food service business, having the right restaurant POS system makes a huge difference. Here, at MOXY Restaurant Solutions, we’ll walk you through the process of system selection and setup. The top-quality system we use, Dinerware POS, integrates with your entire business, making it convenient to use. However, convenience just scratches the surface when choosing the right POS system for your restaurant. In addition, you can update prices or menu items easily from any keyboard, whether you have one location or are a nationwide franchise.

What Makes Dinerware POS the Best Restaurant POS System?

When you work with MOXY Restaurant Solutions to manage Dinerware POS, you can have peace of mind that staff training will be quick and painless. After all, a good staff attitude about a new restaurant POS system is the most important element. As you know, frustration and stress from your staff become obvious in their service.

Here’s why all restaurant employees love Dinerware POS:

  • Flexibility: Dinerware understands that every restaurant is unique, so the system is set up for customization. MOXY Restaurant Solutions can create a solution based on the way your staff likes to work.
  • Intuitive Menu Building: You can create items in seconds – literally! Additionally, your staff can create new menu items and options on the fly as needed, without rebooting the entire system.
  • Easy Discount Rules: No more wondering what promotions are happening and when! With Dinerware POS, you can create automatic discounts and coupons, which reduces errors.
  • Coursing: Your kitchen staff will love that the system delivers orders by course. This making timing much easier.

Your staff will also love the server closeout reports for tip tracking and “Fast Pay, ™” which allows for quick transactions. In addition, the system shows items with limited availability so staff knows sold out items before taking an order. Not to mention, Dinerware POS features a robust table layout tool, as well as easy bill splitting options. During setup, MOXY Restaurant Solutions will make this new system easy for your staff to use.

Even More Features with Dinerware POS

Moreover, your managers will love Dinerware just as much as your kitchen and wait staff does. Everyone quickly realizes that their job becomes easier with Dinerware. Its robust options make administrative work easier. Here’s how:

  • Digital Signage Integration: Automatically update your MoxyVISION digital signs with new menu pricing. Also, Dinerware can automatically update your website and mobile menus at the same time.
  • Intelligent Reporting: View real-time reports directly from terminals. Print financial reports such as payroll, daily sales, and more. With the revenue centers feature, you can see sales by area, such as bar, patio, and delivery.
  • Inventory Management: Food waste is expensive. However, with proper inventory management through Dinerware POS, you can check your stock from anywhere.

Keep in mind that Dinerware POS also has options to integrate with your CRM, as well as online ordering systems. Call 336-588-9405 to speak with us today about your POS requirements.