About Moxy Restaurant Solutions

Founded by career entrepreneur John Van Schaik, our history is entrenched in a full-service approach to our clients.  Mr. Van Schaik founded Designline Manufacturing in the 1990s, which provided turn-key store, kiosk and cart solutions for fast-growing food service and retail brands in the US and abroad.  Clients included Starbucks Coffee, Jamba Juice, General Mills, Betty Crocker, Todo Wraps, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nestle Food Service, Marriott Hospitality, Aramark Food Service and many more.

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Today Moxy Restaurant Solutions leverages the full service approach our founder developed. Technology, print, and marketing are integrated to provide restaurant owners with a one-stop solution that works.  We offer Point-Of-Sale systems, digital signage, payment processing, web and mobile sites, online food ordering, print, digital marketing, social media management, local search and more.

More importantly, it all works together, therefore eliminating the blame game.  Simply update menu pricing on your POS device and your digital signage, website, mobile site and Facebook app are updated instantly.  Want to promote your newest location with mailers, table tents, search engine marketing, and social media?  We have you covered.

Moxy Restaurant Solutions focuses on providing businesses with the tools and systems that deliver measurable results.  We utilize our analytic tools to determine what is working and what isn’t. This allows us to refine a solution tailored to your individual business.  We intend to partner long-term with our clients and be involved with their success and growth.  We continually refine our products and services, bringing our clients the latest in specialized tools for the restaurant business.  Technology changes fast and can be frustrating.  By partnering with a team dedicated to providing restaurant systems that work together, you can eliminate the costly trial and error approach.


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