The Benefits of Dinerware ​Restaurant POS Systems

The restaurant industry is highly competitive, making it important to find ways to conduct business as efficiently as possible. This, along with providing great customer service, is the key to success. One of the easiest ways to achieve both these goals is to install a point-of-sale system. While first designed simply to accept credit and debit card payments, restaurant POS systems now have a wide range of capabilities. They play a significant part in helping both full and quick service establishments increase profits. However, to maximize all the advantages a POS system has to offer, it’s important to choose the right one. There are many different POS software options available, but the Dinerware brand stands out from the rest. Dinerware POS systems cater to the restaurateur, as well as patrons, for the best overall experience.

What Makes Dinerware POS Software Stand Out?

restaurant pos systemsMOXY Restaurant Solutions is proud to be an authorized dealer of Heartland’s Dinerware POS for terminals and tablets. It’s the ideal system for all eateries, from fine dining to food trucks. Some of its main benefits include the flexibility to meet each establishment’s unique needs. Dinerware also boasts an intuitive interface and unsurpassed reliability. The software’s numerous features help to boost productivity, optimize efficiency, and generate more sales. These include:

  • Customizable Menu Setup
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Versatile Pricing & Payment Options
  • Adjustable Order & Ticket Handling
  • Inventory Management
  • Detailed Kitchen Printing
  • Table Layout
  • Simplified HR Management

Additional Services Offered by MOXY Restaurant Solutions

In addition to Dinerware restaurant POS systems MOXY Restaurant Solutions offers a number of other services that integrate seamlessly to deliver unparalleled results. The following solutions create a dynamic combination leading to successful dining establishments.

  • Secure Payments: Helps restaurants make the shift over to EMV chip card technology to reduce the risk of liability from stolen customer data.
  • Digital Signage: This involves the installation of digital menu boards, reducing costs and improving the bottom line.
  • Responsive Website: Responsive website design allows patrons to access and engage with a restaurant online from anywhere. By integrating calendars and POS software we can increase appeal and functionality.
  • Social Media: This service gives restaurants the opportunity to develop a strong social media presence increasing customer engagement. It also manages social media advertising and monitors customer feedback.
  • Gift Cards & Loyalty: Gift cards and loyalty programs are essential for any restaurant. They help produce more revenue and keep customers returning.
  • Print Collateral: Print is still an effective marketing strategy for creating brand awareness. Well-designed materials will convey important messages and grab the attention of potential patrons.
  • Photography: Visually appealing photography is crucial in the restaurant world. Food photos usually inspire customers to try a particular eatery.

MOXY Restaurant Solutions is the Leading Supplier of Restaurant POS Systems

MOXY Restaurant Solutions works with the industry’s most reputable equipment suppliers. They can help any dining establishment integrate the most suitable software for their needs. For enhanced customer service, greater efficiency, and a boost in profits, contact them to discuss point-of-sale options today.