The Best Restaurant POS Software from MOXY Restaurant Solutions

best restaurant POSA restaurant point-of-sale (POS) system is a software program that offers a host of benefits to both the restaurant staff and the patrons. A good POS system tracks and organizes orders from table to kitchen to server, splits bills and processes all payments. Additionally, it handles loyalty programs and gift cards, tracks payroll, inventory and much more. In the past, a restaurant POS referred to the terminal hardware or register where a customer paid for their meal. Modern POS systems, however, do much more than process payments. Basically, a modern POS system provides a platform that enables a variety of transactions and streamlines operational functionality. Also, they can enhance guest and service experience and streamline business operations. MOXY Restaurant Solutions utilizes only the best restaurant POS software, used by top restaurants worldwide. With this leading hardware, software, and service, business owners can enjoy powerful front-end technology and back-end analytics.

So, if technology isn’t your strong suit, no need to worry. MOXY Restaurant Solutions’ service experts can help guide you through every step of the process.

Best Restaurant POS

At MOXY Restaurant Solutions, we use only the best restaurant and business POS systems available today. Therefore, we carry products from Heartland, the industry leader. Heartland offers POS software and hardware that combine powerful point-of-sale technology and back-end analytics. Backed by service from MOXY Restaurant Solutions, it’s one of the best restaurant POS systems. The HRPOS has cutting-edge technology, which makes it one of the most innovative systems to hit the market in years.

Compared to manual record-keeping or earlier POS systems, this new HRPOS is a game-changer. After all, it saves time in building or updating menus, keeping track of inventory, and more. Plus, employees can track their time sheets through the POS software. Hence, contact us at MOXY Restaurant Solutions to see how your investment will pay off and your business will increase in no time.

Benefits of a POS System

Benefits of the HRPOS system include:

  • Quick and Easy Menu Building—create new items or option changes in seconds without system restart
  • Live System Technology—multiple people can perform simultaneous tasks in real time
  • Powerful Reporting—more than 100 standard reports, including financial, payroll, voids, and more, accessible from any terminal and easily exportable
  • Access Control—management grants access levels for each employee
  • Discount Rules—create dinner or happy hour specials and other promotions quickly and easily, for error reduction and time-savings
  • Multiple Revenue Centers—categorize sales by area or type and define them to enhance reports
  • Digital Signage—integrate with digital signage for automatic updating of menu pricing directly from the POS to your digital signs
  • Coursing—servers can enter all courses at one time – the system can divide them into courses and by seat position
  • Inventory Management—powerful tools help you manage inventory and offer built-in reports, accessible from any unit or remotely
  • Payroll Management—built on accuracy, payroll reports easily keep track of all hours for easy export or integration with third-party applications
  • Bar Tabs—finally, pre-charge customer credit cards with ease for bar tabs or integrate with popular third-party apps

Seamless Integration with Other Services

Of course, technology is only as good as the company supplying it. MOXY Restaurant Solutions can integrate other solutions into the POS for an extra robust platform. Attract customers with digital signs, digital menus, and much more. Digital signs are the perfect way to attract customers, display content, highlight promotions and more.

In today’s world, paper or print signs just don’t cut it anymore. By integrating digital signage, business owners can automatically update menus and pricing right from the POS. Thus, enjoy features such as real-time changes and powerful reporting. Eliminate the costs associated with printed signs. Digital signs increase revenue and pay for themselves quickly. Promote higher margin items and attract customers by showing your house specialties. A video of your chef preparing a dish entertains guests while waiting. They will order items promoted on your screens with eye-catching graphics and videos.

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