Cloud Based POS – Upgrade Your Restaurant Today

A point of sale system is an invaluable tool for business and restaurant owners. POS systems allow owners to build or change menus, track employee timecards, process payments and more. Now, they are more powerful than ever. And, with a cloud based POS system from MOXY Restaurant Solutions, owners have robust features at all times. While costs can vary based on your needs, a POS is one of the best investments you can make in a restaurant. POS software can improve efficiency, increase table turnover rate, track payroll, update digital menu boards and much more. Check out some of the many features below.

Benefits of Cloud Based POS Systems

MOXY Restaurant Solutions uses the latest software from Heartland for its cloud based POS systems and solutions. Business owners can leverage the power, convenience and simplicity of Apple’s iPad to run the POS. This uses Apple’s intuitive iOS software for familiarity and ease-of-use. Utilizing the cloud, business owners can also create POS systems that update in real time, across multiple locations. Check out some of the many benefits below.

  • Guest Engagement App—automatically greet and market directly to customers’ smartphones. This companion software pairs perfectly with the Heartland POS for transformational operational improvement.Online Ordering—the POS fully integrates an online ordering system. So, customers have the ability to order from anywhere, any date – on an interface matching your brand.
  • Self-Order Kiosk—want to have customers order for themselves at lunch? This in-store interface enables guests to place orders and pay on their own for quick service. The side benefit – no need for a server to handle the order or payment.
  • Cloud Management—by being in the cloud, owners can access data for any date they choose, anywhere, from any device in real time. Heartland’s website is secure and easy to use, even for those not familiar with cloud technology.  
  • Time & Attendance—keep track of employees’ hours by date with this time tracking tool. Built right into the POS, staff can sign in and out for automatic reporting.
  • Failsafe—all of your data backs up to the cloud. So, if the worst happens, you can get your business back up and running quickly and easily.
  • & many more!

Integration for Maximum Efficiency

Good POS systems are an investment for any business owner. They can completely transform the way restaurants do business. Unlike some other upgrades, however, POS systems can provide a substantial return on your investment. The experts at MOXY Restaurant Solutions can show how the Heartland software can improve your operations. Increase sales and profitability and reduce overhead costs all for a simple, monthly fee. The system pays for itself by making transactions more efficient, handling payroll data and processing payments quickly to increase turnover.

Plus, MOXY Restaurant Solutions offers numerous other services to help business owners operate more efficiently. Their best-in-class digital signage solutions help boost sales and attract customers. Digital menus help save money and highlight specials. They can also automatically change based on date and time. Schedule menu items or events to change for any date – up to a year in advance! Your competitors are no longer wasting money and time printing signs, why are you? Best of all, MOXY Restaurant Solutions can integrate these solutions into the POS system for even greater synergy and efficiencies.

So, give them a call today at 336-588-9405 to see how they can help with your restaurant.