Cloud POS Systems from MOXY Restaurant Solutions

Business owners rely on efficient tools and systems for success. In no industry is this more accurate than the restaurant industry. Moreover, owners and managers need software and systems that allow quick and easy data access. Point of sale (POS) systems are the perfect tool for business owners looking to centralize and streamline operations. Plus, with a cloud POS from MOXY Restaurant Solutions, owners can access data from anywhere. Therefore, run your business more efficiently, improve data analytics, and increase sales. Check out the many benefits below.

Benefits of a Cloud POS System

A cloud POS can offer many benefits. First, employees can quickly and easily enter orders and process payments. Access is available with a few keystrokes, whether you have one location or a nationwide franchise operation. Anyone can build or update menus across multiple locations in real time. Incorporate online or take-out orders for quick, efficient processing. Plus, track inventory in real-time for smoother operations.

Next, when your POS software runs in the cloud, you get extra benefits. Cloud technology systems enable real-time updates, automatic back-up, and much more. That way, in the event of a power outage or hardware failure, you never lose information or transactions. And real-time data allows business owners or managers to access data at anytime, anywhere, from any device. Best of all, both hardware and software are extremely user-friendly. So, you don’t have to be an expert to make the most of their features. Plus, the software runs on industry-standard security protocols for privacy and security.

Heartland Software – the Industry Leader

For two decades, there has been only one name in restaurant POS systems: Heartland. Heartland’s software is powerful and customer-friendly. Backed by service from MOXY Restaurant Solutions, it is the best POS solution available today. Moreover, clients can leverage the power, convenience, and simplicity of Apple’s iPad to run the POS. Apple’s intuitive iOS software helps cut down on learning curves for employees. Check out just a few of the many benefits of the Heartland Restaurant system below:

·        Guest Engagement App—market directly to customers’ smartphones. This companion app pairs perfectly with the Heartland POS for transformational operational improvement.

·        Online Ordering—accept online orders with this fully-integrated solution. Process credit card payments and more directly from the POS. In addition, match the interface to your site for brand awareness.

·        Menu Building—build or update digital menus in real time. Highlight happy hour or daily specials to keep customers coming back day after day.

·        Self-Order Kiosk—let customers check out themselves during lunch or other busy times. This in-store interface enables guests to place orders and pay on their own for quick service.

·       Time & Attendance—keep track of employee hours and time sheets. Built right into the POS, staff can sign and out for automatic reporting.

·       Loyalty Program—lastly, tie in loyalty program to the POS system to enhance the patron’s experience and keep them coming back.

Need Other Services?

POS systems are just one of the solutions available to business owners from MOXY Restaurant Solutions. In addition, they offer a full range of services designed to help restaurants run more efficiently. From the operations side to marketing, they can help owners attract new customers and lift sales. Digital signage solutions help boost sales and save the cost of printed signs. Digital menus save money over traditional print menus and easily highlight specials. Furthermore, with a Heartland POS, you can make updates in real time, no matter how many locations you own. Hence, eliminate overhead costs, reduce manpower, and streamline multiple processes for continued cost savings. Additionally, let your chef wow new customers with special menu items. Henceforth, show videos of your chef preparing the daily special or your signature dish. Achieve all of this with incredible efficiency using solutions built by MOXY Restaurant Solutions.

So, give them a call today at 336-588-9405 to see how they can help with your restaurant.