Digital Indoor Menu Boards Simplify Restaurant Operation

indoor menu boardsWhen you own or manage a restaurant, you’re always trying to make things easier for your employees and your patrons. Therefore, you always strive to be up-to-date with all the latest restaurant technology. In fact, one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have in your restaurant is a digital menu board. Using digital indoor menu boards means simplifying restaurant management. By partnering with us at MOXY Restaurant Solutions, you’ll change the way your restaurant operates.

Digital Indoor Menu Boards Are Changing Restaurant Operations

Everyone who has ever worked in a restaurant knows the time and effort required to change the menu boards. The ladders come out and the boards come down before the new ones can replace them. Or, someone is hand-writing menu updates on a chalk board! Even worse, maybe you are paying to have signs reprinted every time you have a new menu item or price change! Now, imagine if you could skip these troublesome processes and simply change your menus with one simple click? With digital indoor menu boards changing your menus has never been easier. Since they’re digital, simply change them from the comfort of your computer screen or phone. Hence, after their installation, you’ll never have to touch or swap them out again. Even better, you will never have to pay for new printed signs!

So, where do we come in? At MOXY Restaurant Solutions, we know there are many different companies you could choose as a partner. However, none will offer the personalized solutions that we’ll give you. Whether you need one screen for your small café or several for your upscale restaurant, we’ve got you covered. Whether you have one location or are a nationwide chain…you can update all digital menus from any keyboard. From supplying the content, hardware, installation and finally, the monitoring, we can assist you every step of the way.

Moreover, your digital screens can present your drinks or dishes in an appetizing video, which results in increased sales. Thus, these systems pay for themselves very quickly. We can create custom content, using photos or videos of your food and preparation, or just show your menu items. You can make price and item updates in seconds. Therefore, it is easy to test price points and new offerings to determine what works best for your clientele.

Control Your Entire Restaurant from One Screen

As previously mentioned, MOXY Restaurant Solutions can give you a personalized solution for your restaurant. In addition to your digital indoor menu boards we can also give you the perfect POS system. This POS system will simplify sales transactions. Additionally, we can connect your digital indoor menu boards to your POS system. Thus, you’ll be able to change your item prices and menus from one simple screen. After all, things move fast in a restaurant. Partner with us at MOXY Restaurant Solutions and we’ll take your restaurant to a whole new level. Call us at 336-588-9405 for more information and a personalized restaurant solution.