Digital Menu Board Companies – Connect to Your POS

digital menu board companiesDigital menu boards are quickly becoming the best way to display your food and beverage options. They are increasing sales at fast food restaurants, bars and other dining establishments. By integrating with a POS system, the digital menu will automatically be updated when you make changes on your POS. MOXY Restaurant Solutions has years of experience developing, installing and perfecting these systems. In fact, they are the ideal choice when searching for digital menu board companies for your restaurant.

Leader in Digital Menu Board Companies

MOXY Restaurant Solutions has offered digital menu boards for years. Their popularity has skyrocketed in the last year. Now, every restaurant needs to implement them to stay current. Everyone has realized that the ROI is great and the concept is customer-friendly.

Many businesses are seeing a 3-5% increase in sales due to digital menu board usage. Digital menus cut the costs of maintaining manual signs. Restaurants can update signs quickly with a few keystrokes on any device. Today, promoting daily and special offers is simple. Then, when you promote your higher-margin items, your profits increase and the system quickly pays for itself!

The MOXY team handles it all – creating content, taking food photos, installing and managing your digital menu boards. Their goal is to make this transition easy and quick for their customers. Thus, your restaurant will begin seeing positive results immediately. Also, they will offer the customer creative freedom. If the client has a specific vision for their digital menu boards, they will work with them to make that vision a reality.

Connecting with a POS Systems

One of the greatest benefits of using digital menu boards is being able to tie into a POS system. Additionally, when customers use MOXY Restaurant Solutions for their POS system they see even more advantages.

With years of experience using different POS systems, MOXY experts have found the Dinerware POS System superior. This flexible and user-friendly system serves a variety of restaurant type establishments throughout the country. It has numerous features that benefit employers, staff, and customers.

Another benefit of the Dinerware POS system is its ability to connect to online ordering. MOXY Restaurant Solutions will design your restaurant website so that online orders integrate with your POS system. By connecting these systems, customer orders and payments go directly through one simple process. Order tickets print out for kitchen staff and cashier station. Moreover, payments deposit directly into the designated account and transactions show up in the daily reports.

Ahead of the Competition

There is no doubt that MOXY Restaurant Solutions is a leader in the digital menu board business. They deliver custom and cost-efficient solutions to all of their customers. Whether you are looking for a POS system, digital menu board installation or more inclusive marketing solutions, they can handle it. Contact MOXY Restaurant Solutions today if you are looking for digital menu board companies to update your restaurant.