Digital Menu Boards Improve Profit & Efficiency!

digital menu boardsUnquestionably, the implementation of digital menu boards in restaurants is on the rise. And, so is the return on investment. Case in point, most brands are seeing a 3-5% uplift in sales. In some scenarios, the reports are even more staggering. Highlighting promotional items via a digital menu recently raised sales at a rate up to 20%.

So, if you’re hoping to join this trend, MOXY Restaurant Solutions will help you get there.

Digital Menu Boards Benefiting Restaurants of All Sizes

First, let’s examine how a digital menu board will help you run your restaurant more efficiently. For starters, consider the time or cost it takes to manually change traditional printed signage. Neither calculation is conducive to overall profits. Simply put, changing information by hand is cost prohibitive.

Second, robust features such as full motion video and animation allow for more creative freedom. No matter your vision, MOXY Restaurant Solutions helps bring digital menu boards to life. Literally, we can add some sizzle and pop to your restaurant!

Third, no matter the size of your establishment, we offer multiple display options. For example, you may only need one small monitor, or several multiscreen displays. Or, you may have 25 locations with four screens each! We don’t try to upsell; we help you determine what fits best in your environment. So that YOU can upsell!

MOXY Restaurant Solutions Leads You to Success

Speaking of upselling, did you notice our aforementioned statistics of potential profits? As you strive to reach similar results, consider options that will help get you there:

  • HTML5 Content
  • Layered and Transparent Media Support
  • Image Rotators
  • Specials on RSS Text Feeds
  • Scheduling System for All Module Areas of Displays
  • Networked Remote Access System
  • Fully-Managed Options
  • Remote System Function Monitoring

Seamless Integration from Start to Finish

With in-house content creation and development services, MOXY Restaurant Solutions gets you started on the best path. Then, when the design process is complete, you have a variety of management options. If you prefer to maintain your digital signs, we provide training on our intuitive system. Or, we can take care of everything. From hardware and internet connections to content, management and monitoring, we do it all!

Plus, if you already use MOXY Restaurant Solutions’ innovative Dinerware Point-Of-Sale systems, we can simplify your process even further. For example, prices or menu changes entered in your POS system automatically update to your digital menu! And, a change made on any keyboard, anywhere, will update all locations and all menu boards instantly!

Finally, it’s no secret that online ordering is here to stay. Fortunately, MOXY Restaurant Solutions can help you integrate it into your entire system. We can incorporate online ordering into your website design and your Dinerware POS system. Therefore, transactions can be processed automatically from payment to order fulfillment.

So, don’t delay your entrance into industry trends. Today, contact one of our experts to discover the most cost-effective solution for your business!