Digital Signage in Restaurants – Increase Sales Easily!

digital signage in restaurantsTraditionally, restaurants have had print menus that customers use to order. This method functioned well enough until it came time to change the menu or advertise specials. Additionally, few paper menus accommodated photos of the food or other eye-catching graphics. However, in today’s high-tech world these tasks are easy to achieve. Digital signage in restaurants lets owners make changes to menus or prices, advertise specials, and much more.

But, these digital signs are only as good as the companies running them. MOXY Restaurant Solutions knows how to maximize digital signage in restaurants in order to attract new patrons and drive sales. Their solutions are the same as those providing great benefits to some of the world’s top businesses. Best of all, their team of experts is always there to help you succeed. Contact them today to see how they can help you achieve your goals.

The Benefits of Digital Signage in Restaurants

Digital signs are a modern and eye-catching way to attract customers, display content, highlight promotions, and more. In the right hands, this tool can help restaurants succeed. With MOXY Restaurant Solutions, digital signs can be both a way to save money and generate significant ROI. MOXY can even help you build content that fits your brand and creative vision. Most users experience up to a 5% sales lift when they start using digital signs. Additionally, owners see significant cost-saving benefits by eliminating labor and material costs associated with traditional signage.

Most people today are comfortable with colorful videos and graphics. Their eye goes right to the content that you have on your screen, promoting your business and presenting your menu. You can even use digital signs in your waiting area, showing local news, traffic and weather. Schedule content up to a year in advance, changing with the time of day or day of the week. Promote special events or daily specials…you will immediately see a sales increase.

But, MOXY Restaurant Solutions is more than just a signage company. They offer a wide range of solutions for restaurant owners. Therefore, customers who utilize multiple solutions see tremendous benefits very quickly. Let the experts tie your existing POS system, or a new one from MOXY Restaurant Solutions, into your digital signage. Integrate MoxyVISION digital signage for automatic updating of menu pricing directly from the POS. The update will also appear on your website. And, this all happens with a few clicks on your keyboard! You can make the changes or MOXY will handle them for you! Enjoy the benefits of making real-time changes, powerful reporting, and much more. Call them today at 336.588.9405 to see how they can help you lift sales and gain new customers.