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MoxyVision Digital SignageDigital Signs for the hospitality sector is one of the hottest trends in the industry now.  This is a trend that is here to stay, with great ROI for those who invest in the systems.  Most brands are seeing a 3-5% uplift in sales using digital menu boards, which eliminate the cost of traditional signage change outs and labor.  With promotional displays, the results can be more staggering with some brands reporting a 20% uplift on promoted items.  A Wendy’s location ran a promotion offering a special Frosty, selling the special flavor at several sites, including two  with digital menu boards installed.

“The special Frosty went through the roof at the digital menu board sites, and it was mediocre at the others,” according to Digital Signage Today.  In fact, one site was selling an additional 400+ Frostys in the first week of the promotion, which is worth about $500 margin for the week.

Our MOXY Vision digital signs offer flexible, cost-effective solutions that can be maintained by the customer or managed by us to deliver new content as your needs change.  We take care of everything including hardware, internet connections, content, management and monitoring.

We also offer the best content options with complete creative freedom…we can deliver on your vision.  We can also tie digital menu board pricing into our Point-Of-Sale, website and mobile site solutions for a one-touch change across your digital media.

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Digital Menu Boards

Digital Restaurant Menu Systems-Winston-Salem, Greensboro

We offer countless options for your digital menu board needs.  Whether you require just one portrait format 32 inch screen for a small café or our large multi-unit big screen monitor–we can deliver.  We use quality hardware for superior performance and ROI and all of our content and development, management and monitoring is in-house for superior guaranteed results.


  • Full Motion Video
  • HTML5 Content
  • Layered and Transparent Media Support
  • Animations
  • Image Rotators
  • Specials on RSS Text Feeds
  • Scheduling System For All Module Areas of Displays
  • Integration into Dinerware POS Systems
  • Networked Remote Access System
  • Fully-Managed Options
  • Remote System Function Monitoring
  • In-House Content Creation and Development Services

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