Dinerware Empower Your Staff To Accommodate Any Guest Request

DinerwareOpening and managing a restaurant takes time, determination, and hard work. More than that, you also need to be able to juggle different tasks simultaneously, as every matter is important. Thus, so much depends on you and your staff’s ability to multitask. However, if you’ve been searching for a way to simplify your restaurant’s operation, consider upgrading with a Dinerware POS system. With this system, let technology work for you and take some of the stress out of your job. Partner with us, MOXY Restaurant Solutions, and let our experts show you an easier way to manage your restaurant.

Tired of Dealing with Your Old System? Then Upgrade Today!

Chances are, your restaurant probably already has some type of managing software that helps simplify some tasks. But, are there some things that your managing system cannot do? Maybe your current software does not process online orders or is difficult when you need to change item prices? Are you tired of dealing with cumbersome software and having to apologize to your customers for its inconvenience? If so, then it’s time to upgrade to a system that works with you, not against you.

Don’t settle for a point of sales (POS) system that is unable to complete certain tasks. Instead, choose one that can do all of them. Our Dinerware is that system. Manufactured by Heartland, our systems are easy to install and easy to use. Plus, 35,000 restaurants worldwide have happily made the switch. Isn’t it time your restaurant did the same?

About A Dinerware POS System

Designed specifically for any restaurant or business setting, Dinerware is efficient, robust and easy to use, change, and manage. With it, create a personalized plan for your business. Never again will you have to tell a guest, “I’m sorry, but we cannot do that.” Rather, you’ll have the power to be able to tell your guests, “Yes, we can do that!” So, what exactly can our systems do? Check out some of its popular features below:

  • Accepts all major credit cards and gift cards.
  • Easily process and split payments between guests.
  • Connect your system with digital menu boards and operate everything from the comfort of one computer screen.
  • Effortlessly change your menu by changing item prices or adding or deleting special promotions.
  • Integrate the system to your website and easily process online orders.
  • Manage your staff’s access by choosing which employees have the power to make changes and which do not. There are many security levels available.
  • Effectively manage inventory and ensure you never run out of important items.
  • Create customized categories to organize your food and drinks. In fact, we create every system to meet each client’s unique requirements.

What MOXY Restaurant Solutions Can Do for You

As we mentioned above, our POS systems are easy to use and easy to integrate for any business. We are always available to provide assistance every step of the way.

Our experts will work with you to ensure that every menu item is easy for servers to access. Moreover, we ensure that your software setup does exactly what you need it to do. By working closely with your staff, we create a custom system that will assist your entire organization to work more efficiently. Thus, your table turnover rate will increase because of the time savings. From servers to kitchen staff to payment processing, Dinerware will increase your ROI due to its operating efficiency.

Ask about our digital menu boards, as well. We create custom content with graphics, photos and videos. You can control these attractive screens easily – directly from your POS system. One keyboard manages all POS units and digital signage monitors. We can install one unit in one location or a nationwide network with unlimited facilities.

You can depend on our support during the setup, configuration of hardware, installation, staff training and operations. We offer 24 hour, 7 days a week assistance. Hence, whenever there is an issue with which you need help, simply call us. To learn more, reach us at 336-588-9405. Today, contact us or request a quote and empower your staff with the tools to accommodate any guest request.