Dinerware is Essential for your Restaurant

Dinerware POS (Point-of-Service) is for all restaurants, food trucks, bars and cafés. This system brings ease to owners, waiters, waitresses, bartenders and all other restaurateurs.

Are you an established restaurant that needs to update their tired POS system? Or are you a new café owner who needs to train employees in an easy, quick way? MOXY Restaurant Solutions uses Heartland Dinerware POS systems. Heartland Dinerware POS systems are intuitive, reliable and easy to use.

If you want to make your customers’ restaurant experience seamless and frustration-free, then Dinerware POS is the way to go.

Why Use Dinerware POS Systems?

  • Easy to use – Perfect for employees of both new and established restaurants
  • Quick to make changes to menu – From any device, you can make price or menu changes
  • Access and update from anywhere – Helpful when there are multiple users
  • View all your real-time reports from any terminal – No lag time!
  • Manage your inventory –Easy to order and restock
  • Integrate easily with MOXY Vision digital signage for automatic updating of your menu board pricing
  • Use for bar tabs, bill splitting, gift cards, online ordering and Fast Pay™ – Easier for employees and quicker POS for the customer
  • Create table and sections layouts – Essential for hostesses, waiters and waitresses
  • Schedule daily or weekly specials to appear at a pre-determined time and day

MOXY Restaurant Solutions Can Help Your Restaurant

MOXY Restaurant Solutions is unique because their goal is to smoothly integrate all components of your restaurant needs. No one wants a system that leaves you with countless vendors, systems and contrasting technologies. All the systems they partner with and create, deliver real-time information on your business, run smoothly together and are easy to manage.

MOXY Restaurant Solutions is highly trained to set up your establishment with Dinerware POS. This essential system will be flexible and easy to integrate into your restaurant’s management.