Dinerware POS Improves Restaurant Efficiency

Dinerware POSEvery service industry business has a unique brand, menu, and customer profile. But whether you sell filet mignon, cheeseburgers, frozen yogurt, or dirty martinis, there’s a POS system that does it all. MOXY Restaurant Solutions is proud to offer Dinerware POS – the flexible, powerful point-of-sale designed by chefs and restauranteurs.

Here’s how the feature set of Dinerware POS can streamline your business no matter what you serve:

Quick-Service Restaurants

  • Easily create and manage menus and specials on the fly from any terminal or your mobile dashboard.
  • Increase your sales power with mouth-watering HD digital displays.
  • Online ordering is a snap – tickets go straight to the kitchen and use your existing payment processing system.
  • Integrated scale functionality and inventory management for precise inventory control.

Upscale Dining

  • Advanced coursing system allows servers to enter appetizers, entrees, and desserts simultaneously and manage ticket firing.
  • Easily split entrees, bottles of wine, or any other item.
  • Wow your regulars with guest tracking features – have their favorite wine ready when they walk in the door.
  • Seamlessly transition guest checks from the cocktail lounge to the dining floor.
  • Powerful table management and section creator features.

Bars and Clubs

  • Easy and flexible discount features make specials and happy hour a breeze.
  • Two-touch Fast Pay system makes sales lightning-fast and keeps your bartenders in the zone.
  • Versatile tab functions, including pre-charging and Tabbed Out integration.
  • Time for another round? Repeat Items feature makes it a snap.
  • Quick and easy cash-outs with detailed, customizable reports.

Food Trucks

  • Mobile-friendly system allows integration with tablets, phones, and mobile payment processing.
  • Custom reporting simplifies sales tracking and provides pinpoint data analysis.
  • Two-touch ordering helps you burn through long lines.

Dinerware POS and MOXY Restaurant Solutions: The Team You Need

Of course, even the best POS system needs rock-solid customer support and expert installation. That’s why MOXY Restaurant Solutions is the go-to Dinerware POS vendor across the Southeast. We offer:

  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Integrated digital sign and menu board design from MoxyVISION.
  • Loyalty and gift card programs custom-built for your business.
  • Professional installation and complete turn-key digital solutions.

To learn more about Dinerware or MOXY Restaurant Solutions, call us at 336-588-9405 today. Whether your business is just starting out or you’re looking for a new POS, we’re here to help.