Dinerware POS System – Control for Your Restaurant

Dinerware POS systemOwning or managing a restaurant takes a lot of time and energy. There are so many things you have to worry about besides your customers. Managing the menus, running the kitchen, creating promotions, and supervising your staff are all matters that need your attention. So, while many tasks cannot be simplified in restaurants, technology can. From MOXY Restaurant Solutions comes the advanced Dinerware POS system from Heartland.

A Dinerware POS System Puts the Power Back in Your Hands

First introduced in 2000, Dinerware is changing the way restaurants are managed. Today, many restaurants worldwide are incorporating this ground-breaking system and the reason is simple: stress-free management. A Dinerware POS system gives you complete control over your restaurant. In fact, from this system, you can speed up service and kitchen duties and improve marketing, payroll and inventory. It will handle splitting orders, processing payments, adding promotions, changing menus, and online ordering, Dinerware can do it all. Additionally, Dinerware is perfect for all businesses including fine dining, fast food, hotels, cafés, nightclubs, bars, casinos and retail establishments.

When customers walk through your door, you’ll want to treat them like family and ensure they come back. Before Dinerware, complicated guest requests were a hassle. However, with Dinerware, anything is possible. Finally, Dinerware’s most notable feature is that it’s completely customizable. So, you can easily change the way it operates to fit your needs.

Dinerware Is A Recipe for Success

It’s no secret that online ordering is growing quickly as more people discover its convenience. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that you have a website capable of processing and notifying your restaurant of online orders. The Dinerware POS system is perfect for online ordering and can easily be integrated into websites we create. In other words, we can design your website and link it with Dinerware. Hence, online ordering is a breeze for both you and your customers. Besides helping with your website design, we can also help with advertising and marketing. At MOXY Restaurant Solutions, we’re focused on your individual restaurant’s technology needs. Thus, we’ll create a custom marketing strategy built just for your business. Together with Dinerware, we’ll give you the results you need to grow your restaurant.

Lastly, Dinerware can also be linked to digital menu boards. Thus, changing your menu has never been easier. Like our marketing service, we can fully personalize your digital signage and create menu boards that reflect your restaurant. Then, with a few keystrokes from anywhere you may be, you can update menus, change prices or promote specials! So, for a personalized restaurant solution, partner with us, MOXY Restaurant Solutions. Call us today at 336-588-9405. Let us help you take your restaurant to the next level.