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Dinerware Point-Of-Sale was created by restaurateurs, for restaurateurs.

See Why Dinerware POS is the Restaurateurs Choice

Founded in Seattle in 2000, Dinerware is a proven industry leader with thousands of successful installations across the country.  Systems can be found in fine dining and upscale restaurants, fast casual restaurants, cafes, quick-serve restaurants, night clubs, bars, hotels, casinos, wineries, yogurt and ice cream shops and more.

Dinerware was designed to be a flexible, easy to use Point-Of-Sale system from the restaurateur’s perspective, while delivering robust features typically found in higher-priced options. We are focused on innovation, reliability, flexibility and support. Dinerware understands that every business is unique. Our flexible system allows you to create a solution for the way you work, making training and staff acceptance a breeze.  Changes are easy; your menu updates can be done on the fly in seconds.


Dinerware POS Features:

Quick & Intuitive Menu Building
Create new items in seconds.  Item and option changes can be made on the fly from any terminal, without system restarts.
Live System™ Technology
Management functions are available at all terminals.  Changes are updated real-time…no system restart required.  Multiple people can perform simultaneous tasks.
Powerful Reporting
View real-time reporting from any terminal or remotely.  We offer over 100 stock reports, including Restaurant Financial Report, payroll, voids, daily sales, discounts and more.  Set up daily or scheduled e-mail delivery or export in .csv, PDF or .xls format file.
Powerful Discount Rules
Specials, Happy Hour and Promotions made easy! Create comps, automatic discounts and coupons in advance.  Pick day, time and frequency they are available.  Make discounts manual or automatic and apply to items or the whole check, greatly reducing errors.
Multiple Revenue Centers
Categorize your sales by area or type (e.g., bar, main dining, patio, delivery) then define them by job, assigned section or both.  With revenue centers, you can generate very detailed sales reports on specific areas.
Digital Signage
Integrate your Point-Of-Sale system with MOXY Vision digital signage for automatic updating of your menu pricing from your POS.  Use web integration for updating of menus on your website and mobile site from Dinerware as well.
Enter all courses, apps, soup/salads, entrees, and desserts at one time. Kitchen orders are divided by course, including seat positions.
Inventory Management
Manage inventory and food costs with our powerful inventory system.  Built-in reports help you manage inventory and usage from the console, or remotely.
Payroll Management
Produce accurate payroll reports keeping track of hours and overtime with ease. Export data manually, or use third party integration for popular payroll processing companies.
Bar Tabs
Pre-charge customer credit cards with ease for bar tabs.  Integrate with third party mobile apps like Tabbed Out for automated ticket setup, pre-authorization and tab closing/tips.
Table Layout
Make table management a breeze with table layout features.  Create sections with ease.  Servers can easily add names to tables for easy ID.
Robust Bill Splitting
Easily split tables to individual tickets, combine tickets, re-combine tickets, and split items by any split you want all in seconds—your servers will love this feature!
With the built-in Customer Relationship Manager, you can manage customer information and preferences to create happy clients.
Fresh Sheet
Enter items with limited availability on the home screen with a quantity countdown to prevent embarrassing, “I’m sorry we’re sold out,” moments after an order has been taken.
Server Closeout Reports
Make settling up a breeze, with detailed cash and credit card sales and tips report at clock-out.
Fast Pay™
Quick “Two Touch” purchases…allows quick transaction processing for fast-paced environments.
Gift Cards
System contains a built-in gift card program. Create and manage cards with no transaction or swipe fees.
Scale Integration
Direct scale integration provides easy setup and operation for weight-based product pricing and entry.
Online Ordering
Integrated system sends orders directly to the kitchen with no extra steps.  Payments are processed by your system’s existing credit card integration, eliminating the need for a second merchant account.
User Access/Security
Assign user access roles by job role or by individual, with simple check box permissions setup.  Managers can set or revoke user permissions from any terminal or remotely. Assign multiple jobs and pay rates to users. Unique PIN numbers log users in and out.  Swipe cards are available for easy user logging.

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