Food Photography

Food Photography

We are visual creatures, everything we do is driven by visual stimulus.  We like, dislike, form opinions, recommend and discourage…all based on our visual interpretation of the world around us.  Yet we still hear from clients, “I don’t need photos, my customers know what we do,” “My photos are good enough,” and so on.  Many of those clients, after having professional photos taken, have made statements like, “I was so wrong,” and “That was one of the best things we ever did for our business,” etc. Food photography done correctly can propel a brand in ways you cant imagine.  Click on the images on this page to expand them.  When you say “Wow” you will understand what we mean.  Creating a library of great food photography for your brand can be used for print, digital media, web, mobile, video, t.v., promotional products and much more.

Restaurant Photography

Food Photography Delivers Results

People like sharing cool things, it makes them seem unique and in the know.  They love interacting with great brands and cool products, services and great restaurants and hospitality establishments.  At MOXY, we see firsthand during the review of customer analytics, what is working and what isn’t.  Typically, when we post no photo on Facebook, there is fairly low engagement with the post.  A stock photo yields much better results, but nowhere near that of a photo of the actual food, environment, staff, customers and “behind the scenes” photos we take for our clients.

We see this with established clients who change to this approach, as well as with new brands with no base…they both achieve incredible engagement and build brand advocates. These restaurants receive not only a Facebook “Like,” but real comments and interaction with customers.

In addition, we see that time spent on the web and mobile sites containing high quality images increase the visit time and the volume of the overall site traffic.  When these images are integrated brand-wide and used across social, web, print, digital signage and more, the benefits are enormous.


Brands with quality images and video used in digital signage are reporting promoted product sales increases of up to 20%.  Larger national restaurant brands are finding that using great images in their digital signage encourages customers to purchase higher margin, ala carte items instead of “meal deals,” driving higher overall margins.

Restaurant Menu Photography

Affordable Restaurant Photography Packages

Many restaurateurs have been apprehensive about custom photography, because of the price of traditional commercial photographers. At MOXY, we specialize in the restaurant market and have developed special pricing packages to make it affordable.  We focus on the long-term relationship with our clients and understand that if you are successful, we are too.  Enabling you to present your brand in the best light, literally, using quality restaurant photography, also provides us with the tools we need to help build your brand across the digital channels.

Call us today at 336-588-9405 to discuss a package that will build your business…the low cost will surprise you!


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