Gift Card and Loyalty Programs

It takes time and money to acquire customers.  So keeping them happy and coming back should be a top priority, since it will reward your business with great R.O.I.  At MOXY, we understand gift card and loyalty programs.  We also know that every business and customer is unique and requires different solutions.  For our clients, we accomplish this with a vast selection of top solutions that work with existing POS (Point of Sale) systems, our Dinerware POS system, stand-alone tablet, mobile, and merchant processing terminal solutions.  We will work with you, study and understand your business and deliver the best fit for your success.

On the consumer side, loyalty programs need to be easy to use and seamless across platforms that include web, mobile, e-mail, social, direct mail, etc.  Our programs are multi-faceted to deliver on these fronts…cost effectively and successfully.  In addition, our solutions provide you with detailed consumer data to make the intelligent business decisions that grow your business profitably.

Custom Magnetic Strip Gift Cards


A great source of revenue, gift cards provide immediate cash for your business.  In addition, they are one of the best ways to enable your biggest fans and brand ambassadors to spread the word about your business to others.  We deliver quality, custom-designed and printed plastic gift cards with envelopes or sleeves, created to emphasize your brand and its values.

Whether you are looking for cards to integrate with an existing POS system, a stand-alone merchant services-based solution, or a seamless integration with our Dinerware POS system, we can help.

Heartland Restaurant Loyalty Rewards


We offer numerous loyalty programs based on your requirements.  All of them deliver best-in-class options for the hospitality sector.  The most important factor in building a successful loyalty program, is making it a seamless experience for the consumer.  If it’s a hassle, they will not use it.  Our programs make access and signup easy, and all have quick mobile access directly from your branded mobile app by MOXY.

In addition, we understand that if your customers don’t know about your program, they won’t engage.  We offer full print promotional products including in-store table tents, posters, handouts, digital signage and social media options that get the word out and encourage signups and use of the programs.  Our staff will help you develop programs that work, based on our experience.

Call today and have our pros discuss the options for your business.  336-588-9405


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