Heartland Dinerware Gives You The Power To Say Yes To Your Customers

Heartland DinerwareAs a restaurant owner or manager, you never want to say no to your customers. That dreaded moment means you were unable to fully accommodate their needs. Meeting customer needs is something you strive for as you want your patrons to feel like family in your restaurant. So, when your customers are happy, you’re happy. As a result, business increases making your staff happy, too. While managing a restaurant is not always easy, there is a POS system that makes it easier. This system is Heartland Dinerware and it’s been changing the world of restaurant management. Partner with us at MOXY Restaurant Solutions and we’ll show you how to use this ground-breaking point of sale system.

Heartland Dinerware Will Change the Way You Run Your Restaurant

Knowing your customers is the main goal of most restaurant managers. Things like food preferences and dietary needs are all matters that a manager strives to remember about each regular customer. In addition, they also want to accommodate anything a customer might request. This includes splitting bills, paying with checks and other requests. Created to accommodate all these requests and more, Heartland Dinerware POS Systems are changing the world of restaurant management.

First created in Seattle in 2000, Dinerware now sets the standard nationwide for restaurant management tasks. Restaurants of all types are utilizing its robust functionality. These include fast food, cafes, nightclubs, bars, hotels, casinos, wineries, and more. Built to be customizable for any restaurant setting, this POS system is flexible and easy to use. With it, easily change the menu, add sales or promotions, create loyalty programs, split or process payments, and change prices. Since Dinerware is flexible, it allows you to create a custom solution for your individual restaurant.

How MOXY Restaurant Solutions Can Help You

As previously mentioned, our experts at MOXY Restaurant Solutions show you how to increase business using the latest technology. Therefore, we’ll integrate the Dinerware POS system and then train your staff. Additionally, we can also help you manage and oversee your systems. Furthermore, for complete control over your restaurant, connect Dinerware to your digital signs. Digital signage is another tool we can help integrate into your restaurant. Swap out your old menu boards and upgrade with new digital menus. By making the switch, you’re able to connect your menus and POS systems and manage everything from any keyboard. No more re-printing signs every time you change a price. Finally, Dinerware also makes online ordering a breeze. After an order is placed, that order goes straight to your POS system and the kitchen. Then, your system will print out a ticket at a predetermined time before pickup and notify you of the order.

Lastly, not only are we able to help with Dinerware integration, but we can also help with marketing. Designed specifically for your restaurant goals, our personalized marketing solutions can help you. To learn more about our services and Heartland Dinerware POS systems, call us at 336-588-9405. Get the personalized restaurant solution you need.