Heartland POS Software from MOXY Restaurant Solutions

A good POS system can make or break a restaurant. After all, modern POS systems do far more than accept payment or manage payroll data. Today’s POS systems act as a hub for everything a restaurant does. These benefits extend to multiple locations, as they create even more efficiency and functionality. But not just any POS system will do. Only the industry leading Heartland POS software can transform operations and drive success. That’s why MOXY Restaurant Solutions uses Heartland software in its solutions. Heartland’s POS system, Heartland Restaurant, processes payment, and payroll data for a minimal fee on a monthly basis. Empower managers to build or change menus and update in real time across multiple locations. Backed by customer service from the experts at MOXY Restaurant Solutions, this system can be a game-changer.

Benefits of a Heartland POS

Heartland POS system offers robust functionality in a user-friendly interface. Check out some of the many benefits of the Heartland Restaurant POS system:

  • Guest Engagement App—greet and market directly to customers through their smartphones. The Guest Engagement companion app pairs perfectly with the Heartland POS for transformational improvement.
  • Online Ordering—take online payment with this fully-integrated solution. Process credit card payments and more directly from the POS. Plus, the interface can match your site to protect your brand.
  • Menu Building—the owner or chef can build or update menus and update in real time. Highlight happy hour or daily specials to keep customers coming back.
  • Self-Order Kiosk—want to have customers order for themselves, say at lunch? This in-store interface enables guests to place orders and pay on their own for quick service. Saves the cost of a staff member taking the order and processing payment at a register.
  • Time & Attendance—keep track of payroll information with this tracking tool. Built right into the POS, staff can sign in and out for automatic reporting.

Utilize the Power of the iPad

One of the best features of the Heartland software is that it runs on Apple’s popular iPad tablet. That means that anyone using it has access to power, convenience, and simplicity. The intuitive interface allows users to quickly and easily get everything done. No more fumbling around on complicated cash registers or outdated software. Process payment right on the iPad to save time and add convenience.

Plus, Heartland’s system lives in the cloud. That means that updates occur in real time. Even better, it means that data saves to the cloud automatically. If the internet goes out, you’re covered. Power or system failure? Quickly load your data once you’re back up and running. Owners and managers can even access data anytime, anywhere, from any device. You can view a real-time report on your smartphone to check on all sales data – by category and time-frame. Moreover, the system and website are easy to use, even for those unfamiliar with cloud technology or how it works.

The Industry Leader

Best of all, the experts at MOXY Restaurant Solutions supports this powerful software. That makes a Heartland POS one of the smartest investments you can make in your restaurant operations. Increased efficiency will lead to improved operations, helping the investment fee pay for itself and then some. Save time and energy and redirect it into the areas that need it. Eliminate overhead costs, reduce manpower, and streamline multiple processes for continued cost savings. Plus, let your chef wow new customers with special menu items.

The experts at MOXY Restaurant Solutions can help you get the most out of this industry leading software. Increase sales and profitability and reduce overhead costs, all for a low fee billed monthly. Pair your POS with other services from MOXY Restaurant Solutions to lift sales and attract new customers. Digital signage solutions help boost sales and attract customers. Custom digital menus save money over traditional print menus and easily highlight specials. They even offer services to manage your online branding and handle your social media presence.

So, give them a call today at 336-588-9405 for a free quote.