Guest Display

Heartland Restaurant Customer Facing Display

Guest Facing Display

Heartland Restaurant Guest Display was designed specifically for restaurant guests. Working in tandem with your Heartland Restaurant cloud POS system, the display shows a customer-friendly version of what the cashier is doing. When a guest orders a meal, the display will show each item ordered with any additions or changes requested, and a running subtotal of the meal’s cost. Once the order is complete, the guest interacts directly with the display to pay and choose to email, print, or decline a receipt.  And, the entire process is customized to fit your brand.

Show your guests a customer friendly version of what their cashier is doing!

HRPOS Guest Display

Benefits of Guest Display

Guest Display encourages an increase in order accuracy. Customers see their order as it is being created and can catch mistakes as they happen. If tipping is enabled, guests can pick from pre-programmed tip amounts, saving them from manually doing the math. In addition, Guest Display lets customers choose whether or not to print a receipt, potentially lowering paper costs.


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