Kitchen Display

Kitchen Display

Increase your kitchen’s efficiency and productivity with Heartland Restaurant KDS

With Heartland Restaurants’ kitchen display system, orders are automatically sent to terminals in the kitchen from your servers, eliminating paper trails and wait times and minimizing restaurant confusion. When changes occur, Heartland Restaurant KDS immediately updates and inserts changes to the order, increasing the speed of service. Choose from a variety of settings to fit your needs. Select one or two rows for viewing, change the font size, recall deleted orders, and more. When communication and speed of service are paramount, Heartland Restaurant KDS will make your kitchen even more efficient.

  • Quick configuration view allows you to view one
    or two rows, change font sizes, and more!
  • Color-formatted time alerts
  • Orders shown split up by course and/or seat
  • Swipe to recall and restore orders
  • Voided orders are clear and concise
  • No paper necessary
  • KDS_Quick_Configure

    Quickly configure your KDS format to fit your needs and preferences!

  • KDS_RedYellow

    Red and yellow tickets make it clear which orders have been sitting for too long.

  • KDS_ViewRestore

    Easily view and restore orders that have been marked as finished.

  • KDS_VoidedOrders

    Voided orders have a clear watermark to avoid confusion.


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