Heartland Restaurant Software from MOXY Restaurant Solutions

MOXY Restaurant Solutions has been helping restaurants improve their business operations for years. Case in point, their POS system solutions help restaurants run more efficiently and lift sales. POS systems also allow managers to track employee timecards, process payments, handle online ordering, and more. A restaurant’s chef or manager can even build or change menus and update in real time across multiple locations. The best POS software on the market today is the Heartland Restaurant software. Backed by customer service from the experts at MOXY Restaurant Solutions, a new POS system can be a game-changer.

Heartland Restaurant Software

Heartland Restaurant software leads the market in functionality and user friendliness. Owners and managers can leverage the power, convenience, and simplicity of Apple’s iPad to run the POS. Apple’s intuitive iOS software helps cut down on learning curves for employees. Check out some of the many benefits of the Heartland system:

  • Guest Engagement App—greet and market directly to customers’ smartphones automatically. The Guest Engagement companion app pairs perfectly with the Heartland POS for transformational improvement.
  • Online Ordering—take online orders with this fully-integrated solution. Process credit card payments and more directly from the POS. Plus, the interface can match your site to protect your brand.
  • Menu Building—the owner or chef can build or update menus in real time. Highlight happy hour or daily specials to keep customers coming back.
  • Self-Order Kiosk—want to have customers order for themselves, say at lunch? This in-store interface enables guests to place orders and pay on their own for quicker service.
  • Time & Attendance—keep track of employees’ hours with this date-tracking tool. Built right into the POS, staff can sign in and out for automatic reporting.
  • Management reporting—managers and owners receive real-time reports on any device. Check hour-by-hour sales right on your smartphone!
  • & much more!

Utilize the Cloud for Real-Time Updates

Best of all, Heartland’s system lives in the cloud. That means that updates publish in real time. And your saved data is always available in case there is a problem with the internet or the terminal. Plus, owners and managers can access data at anytime, anywhere, from any device. Lastly, Heartland’s website is secure and easy to use, even for those not familiar with cloud technology. 

Add Other Services for More Efficiency

Business tools are an investment in the company’s future. A POS system is no different. However, a POS system is perhaps one of the smarter investments a restaurant owner can make. It offers incredible efficiency and empowers managers to lift sales and attract new customers. And, unlike some other investments, a POS offers significant ROI. Eliminate overhead costs, reduce manpower, and streamline multiple processes for continued cost savings. Plus, let your chef wow new customers with special menu items. They will receive notifications wherever they are.

Of course, a POS system is only as good as the company behind it. MOXY Restaurant Solutions can help you get the most out of the market-leading Heartland Restaurant software. Increase sales and profitability and reduce overhead costs all for a simple, monthly fee. Moreover, they offer multiple services to help owners operate more efficiently. Digital signage solutions help boost sales and attract customers. Digital menus save money over traditional print menus and easily highlight specials. Furthermore, with a Heartland POS, you can make updates in real time, no matter how many locations you own. With a few clicks you can change a menu item or price on both the POS system and all digital menus. No extra work to change one location or a nationwide franchise.

So, give them a call today at 336-588-9405 to see how they can help with your restaurant.