How to Market a Restaurant – Learn from the Experts

Running a restaurant is a tough job. Managing employees, attracting customers, and lifting sales are just a few challenges owners face. Often, owners or managers don’t have time to focus on digital marketing. But it’s something that business owners should not ignore. Digital marketing is not a luxury for restaurant owners—it’s a necessity. In today’s world, restaurants with a strong digital presence thrive. Those without one often fail. The experts at MOXY Restaurant Solutions know how to market a restaurant effectively. From social media to content creation to digital marketing, they can help. They can help you reach your target audience to attract new customers and boost sales.

How to Market a Restaurant

So, have you ever wondered how to market a restaurant effectively? The truth is there is no one single answer. As with any type of marketing, restaurant marketing should involve multiple solutions and platforms. Of course, social media should play a big part of your marketing strategy every day. But, social media by itself is not an effective marketing strategy – you need several components to work together for a unified approach. The experts at MOXY Restaurant Solutions can help. They offer a wide range of digital marketing services for restaurant owners. Check out a few of them below:

Social Media

  • Social media is a very powerful tool. It is very low-cost and incredibly far-reaching. However, the wrong social media content can hurt just as much as the right content can help. Let the experts help you manage what can be one of your biggest keys to success.

Digital Advertising

  • From digital signage to digital menus, MOXY Restaurant Solutions has the best solutions. Harness the power of digital by reducing overhead costs and adding modern flair. Digital menus and signs attract customers and lift sales. Use indoors to show videos of your chef preparing the day’s special. You can update your menu on a digital screen from any device with a click. Forget the cost of reprinting signs every time you have a change of price or menu item. Outdoor digital signs will attract new patrons and remind current ones about your dialing specials.


  • A good online presence isn’t worth much if nobody visits your website. Simply put, if customers can’t find you, they can’t buy from you. Make sure your website reaches your audience with SEO optimization from the experts. Moxy Restaurant Solutions can upgrade your current site or create a custom website, optimized for mobile use.

Online ordering

  • Stay ahead of the latest trend by offering online ordering. Online ordering can drive new revenue as well as help you reach a new audience of customers.


  • Nothing catches customers’ attention like pictures. But a bad photo can dissuade potential customers. MOXY Restaurant Solutions has professional photographers that know how to make your food shine.

How to Promote Products Inside a Restaurant

Digital signs offer restaurant owners numerous benefits. Update daily food or drink specials or remove sold out items in just a few clicks. Plus, signs can run on a schedule to advertise certain specials at certain times, such as happy hour. Best of all, digital signs can help reduce significant printing, delivery and installation costs. You can even advertise third-party content to bring in additional revenue.

Similarly, digital menus can attract customers, display content, highlight promotions, and more. Powered by MOXY Restaurant Solutions, they can have a tremendous impact. Most brands experience a 5% sales lift when restaurants incorporate digital menus or signs. Best of all, MOXY Restaurant Solutions can help you build content that fits your brand and creative vision.

The Restaurant Marketing Experts

MOXY Restaurant Solutions has decades of experience in the restaurant industry. They offer a full range of services designed to help restaurants run more efficiently. From the operations side to marketing, they can help owners attract new customers and lift sales. Plus, their solutions integrate natively with one another. So, they can help your online presence grow with multiple solutions.

So, give them a call today at 336-588-9405 to see how they can help with your restaurant.