HRPOS Enclosures

HRPOS Slate Enclosures

Flexible. Durable. Affordable.

Powder-coated, steel iPad stand with no unsightly cables.

Designed and engineered by Heckler Design of Phoenix, the Slate enclosures are sleek, powder-coated steel stands with no visible screw heads, fasteners or holes. Designed for two different models, the Slate 9 fits a standard 9.7 inch iPad and Slate 12 fits the 12.9 inch iPad Pro. The Slate enclosures are easily assembled, cleaned, and maintained for your ease.
The enclosures are custom-built to support the Gigabit + PoE Adapter from Redpark of Emeryville, CA. This revolutionary adapter provides both power and Ethernet connectivity to an iPad through a single Cat-6 cable exiting the enclosure through a small hole in the base. This eliminates unsightly cabling associated with existing Ethernet solutions for iPad.

Slate enclosures come configured with a faceplate that securely holds a direct-connected UniMag II magstripe reader from ID Tech. A blank faceplate can be ordered for installations where card swipes are not required.

100 Degree Rotation

A premium positioning hinge allows a user to set and hold the optimum viewing angle of the enclosed iPad, providing a superior user experience regardless of counter height. The hinge also allows rotation greater than 100 degrees giving merchants the ability to flip the iPad toward the guest for signature capture.

HRPOSSlate Encloures Side

HRPOS Slate Enclosure Back

Simple to assemble, easy to maintain.

  • Hides unsightly cables
  • Supports Ethernet connectivity
  • Adjusts to fit counter heights
  • 100 degree rotation for Signature Capture
  • Allows for swipe cards
  • Easy to assemble


The Slate enclosure can be mounted to countertops, display arms and floor stands.


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