Is a Digital Restaurant Menu a Smart Investment for Your Business?

digital restaurant menuDoes a digital restaurant menu really open new opportunities beyond just aesthetics? Are they really sound investments that will pay returns? And, should you invest in a digital menu system, is there a simple and effective way to manage it?

Well, we founded MOXY Restaurant Solutions so that we could answer all of these questions with a resounding “YES!” MOXY Restaurant Solutions helps our clients integrate the latest in restaurant technology, with a strong focus on client ROI. Therefore, from multimedia “Wow” factor to POS integration and beyond, we’re serving up the best restaurant tech solutions every day.

What Makes a Digital Restaurant Menu Worth It?

digital restaurant menu offers several unique advantages:

  • Multimedia content. Your customers love that juicy, loaded, all-star sandwich, right? Well, they’ll love it even more when they can see it hot out of the oven in a 4K rendering.
  • Change it on the fly. Selling a special? 86’ing an item? Or, do you want to test out price points at different times of day? It’s a breeze to change out prices, items, images, or anything you choose.
  • No reprints. If you alter your menu often, you’ll love the convenience of not having to print new menus every time.
  • POS integration. Tie the prices on your board to the prices in your POS for maximum consistency and minimum headaches.

These advantages add up to real numbers. Our research shows that businesses that switch to digital menus experience an average 3-5% sales bump after switching. Moreover, for restaurants that integrate even further, such as adding digital floor displays, it can reach 20% or more!

What We’ll Do for You

MOXY Restaurant Solutions specializes in tailor-made restaurant technology solutions. We know how to follow the ROI while simultaneously keeping in mind the things that make your business special. Our team has decades of experience in helping great restaurants take the next step with the help of technology.

  • Turn-key functionality – we can take your new menus all the way from the drawing board to animated video or graphic!
  • Authorized dealer and installer of Dinerware POS – a flexible POS system designed for multi-platform integration.
  • Full range of restaurant promotional services – print or digital!
  • Hardware and software solutions – including ground-up builds and training
  • Total digital integration for your restaurant – fully utilize the newest marketing venues, including online ordering software

As you can see, there’s no reason to wait any longer! Digital restaurant menu technology has never been more affordable or more effective. So, if you want to truly maximize your ROI, the time is now! Today, call us at 336-588-9405 or contact us online.