Loyalty Programs for Restaurants that Keep Customers Engaged

loyalty programs for restaurantsAround 1793, the first seed of loyalty programs hit the soil of creative marketing minds. A U.S. merchant gave out copper tokens that a customer could then exchange for items in his store. From there, the idea bloomed through the ages. Included were trading stamps and then Kellogg’s Cereal joined the movement with the idea of premiums. Few people don’t remember the cool prizes one gained from mailing in labels. Since then, the fertility of the idea has spread across industries. It has become important now to incorporate loyalty programs for restaurants in all categories. Whether you manage a casual dining or fine dining establishment, your competitors are already using loyalty programs!

How Loyalty Programs for Restaurants Work for You

Finally, the trend grew into the restaurant sector evolving into a rewards program to keep a customer engaged. These programs come in various forms. For example, gift cards create an opportunity for your current customers to become brand ambassadors. Ultimately, it’s a fantastic opportunity for them to share a caring gift and their passion for your products.

Similarly, a rewards program involving customer loyalty points rewards each customer for their dedication to you. When a patron loves you, it makes sense to love them back. After all, we each enjoy a little perk every now and then.

Obviously, this begs a couple of questions. Specifically, why do you need a restaurant loyalty program? And, do customer loyalty programs for restaurants actually work? To answer, think from your own perspective. Are you more likely to shop with a company that appreciates you? Generally, that is an important aspect of creating customer loyalty within a business. Clearly, many other factors come into play. However, a reward system creates motivation to return.

Fortunately, MOXY Restaurant Solutions offers numerous options. We will help you find a rewards program based on your requirements. Most importantly, your tailor-made program needs to be easy to use. If not, customers won’t hassle with it. Furthermore, it’s imperative to advertise your program. Of course, if a customer doesn’t know about it, they won’t benefit from it.

A few ways to make sure that you cover both aspects is with promotional material. For instance, in-store table tents with QR codes linking to a sign-up form make it convenient. Or, social media networking is a great way to get others to help spread the word. No matter how you do it, having a professional company working with you ensures it’s implemented correctly.

Full-Service Restaurant Solutions

Not only does MOXY Restaurant Solutions offer loyalty program aid, but we also have a range of marketing solutions. Additionally, our diverse background ensures that you receive experienced and expert guidance

And, as you know, one size rarely fits all. Therefore, MOXY Restaurant Solutions offers a variety of services. Whether you have one location or many, we work with owners and management teams to find your best fit. Just a few of the products and services we offer are:

  • Tablet & Terminal POS – Check out Dinerware’s robust menu of full-service features
  • Secure Payments – Protect yourself from fraudulent purchases
  • Digital Signage – Bring your promotional displays to life
  • Responsive Website – Draw in customers with interactive websites
  • Social Media – Benefit from a strong social media presence
  • Print Collateral – Update your printed material to include QR codes and mobile landing sites
  • Photography – Propel your brand with expert photography

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