Menu Design 101 – Enhance Appearance and Improve Efficiency!

menu designWhen considering menu design options, there are numerous elements to weigh. Initially, appearance comes to mind since the menu is generally the first opportunity for customers to “see” your offerings. Next, it’s important to think about ease-of-use and efficiency.

As a provider of digital signage and menu boards, MOXY Restaurant Solutions thinks about these issues on a daily basis. Moreover, we take care of everything from hardware and connections to content management and monitoring.

Getting Started with Menu Design

Since the menu is often the first interaction a customer has with your food, appearance is critical. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons that digital menu boards are on the rise. Keeping you on the cutting edge, MOXY Restaurant Solutions helps you create the best content with complete creative freedom. For example, we can literally add sizzle, smoke and frosty glasses with full motion video.

Easy to Use and Efficient

However, appearance enhancement isn’t the ONLY reason that digital menu boards are on the rise. The beauty of a digital menu is that it virtually ties all of your systems together. Not only does digital menu design look better, it functions better.

First, digital menus are easier to use. Changing item availability and pricing is no longer a task that requires a ladder and balance. With a few clicks, you can adjust prices, add offerings or go from a breakfast menu to lunch or dinner. Better yet, if you’d rather not bother, MOXY Restaurant Solutions will handle the management.

Secondly, digital menus are more efficient. Since they can be tied into your point-of-sale (POS) system, items update directly. This means that what you type into your POS System automatically feeds into your digital menu. Plus, this can be done from any device with no system restarts!

Speaking of integration, online ordering is also a growing trend that is here to stay. Very easily, it can be integrated into your Dinerware POS System. Additionally, we can incorporate an online order software product into your website design.

Actually, all of these enhancements to your food presentation will pay for themselves. Statistics prove that digital menus used to promote your higher margin items quickly increase profits.

Additionally, you can schedule specials or events up to a year in advance. Do you have a happy hour every Friday from 4 to 6? Automatically promote it on your digital screens at a scheduled time each week!

Perfecting Your Print Options

Although, it may seem that digital menus are beginning to override print, they’re not a replacement. Printed material is still available and very much needed in some establishments. MOXY Restaurant Solutions can help you far beyond the traditional menu design that a print shop offers. Adding functional QR Codes to your menus, laminating services and photography are just a few of our specialties.

Also, we provide well-planned promotions using table tents, posters, window clings, hand-outs and rack cards. Correspondingly, we create direct mail promotions.

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