Menu Design – Whether you Use Digital or Print it Needs to Match your Brand

menu designOne of the most vital components of a restaurant is the menu. The food and dishes on the menu are a delicious start. However, the menu design is equally important. You want your restaurant menu to represent your brand appropriately. In addition, your menu needs to be clear and reader-friendly. At MOXY Restaurant Solutions, we help you create, produce and maintain your restaurant menu.

Print Menus

Printed menus are still a significant part of most restaurant experiences. What if it is hard for patrons to read your menu because of its design and layout? Problems with your menu can cause patrons to avoid your establishment. At the very least, it may take them longer to order, which reduces your table turnover rate. Let us help you design a menu that is easy to read and relays your brand’s message.

Your branding should match throughout all of your marketing components, from menus to all media outlets. At MOXY Restaurant Solutions, we will not only help you deliver your brand message but also capture, measure and retarget it across multiple media channels.

Along with creating the graphic design and layout for your menu, we will help with these other services.

  • Printing
  • Laminating
  • Photographing of food and services
  • Creating QR codes
  • Mobile landing pages
  • Production
  • Framing
  • Fulfillment
  • Shipping

Since you need all promotional material to match your brand, we suggest letting us help you with those too. Items such as posters, rack cards and table tents are all marketing tools that sell your brand. Additionally, these items help send your customers to your website, social media sites, review pages and e-mail sign-ups. All of these techniques help your customers interact with your establishment and brand. They are critical to attracting new patrons and creating loyalty with existing customers.

Digital Menus

One of the fastest growing trends in the restaurant business is digital menus and signs. When designed correctly these signs are visually enticing, thus, increasing sales. We create digital sign solutions that are cost-effective and easy to use. The MOXY Restaurant Solutions team will create a design layout, install, add content, manage and monitor your signs. However, if you decide to use in-house management, we will train your team on how to change menu content.

In fact, these systems are easy to manage from any keyboard or mobile device. Whether you have one location or are a nationwide franchise, you can update prices or menu items with a few keystrokes.

Our in-house graphics team can create videos and photos of your restaurant and food presentation. Today, your customers look for fast-moving images to provide them with the information they need to make a decision. Show your menu items at their best and watch your sales increase. Your competitors are already using these marketing techniques.

Another reason why digital menu boards are popular is due to their return on investment. Restaurants that have used these menus to promote specific items saw around 20% increase in sales of those items. Moreover, after installing digital menus many restaurants started seeing a 3% to 5 % increase in all-over sales. Not only do they increase sales, they also save money. No more printing and installing new signs, every time you have a menu change.

Menu Design with MOXY Restaurant Solutions

We understand that there are numerous components to running a successful restaurant. Our job is to help clients realize their goals and implement a solution to meet those goals. Menus are important because they allow your customers to learn about what you offer. Therefore, the design and layout are key to keeping customers.

Implementing your brand into your menu design is another component we consider vital. Not only do you want to be recognizable, but also easy to find over multiple media and marketing platforms. This is a step toward building brand loyalty with your customers.

Our solutions are unique for each client. The MOXY Restaurant Solutions team focuses on creating the ideal menu for your establishment. Today, call us at 336-588-9405 to discuss how we can help to improve your restaurant’s menu.