MOXY Restaurant Solutions For Dinerware Systems

Dinerware POSMOXY Restaurant Solutions provides a wide range of technological and marketing services for restaurants. Moreover, by using cutting edge technology MOXY Restaurant Solutions helps clients achieve meaningful results. But, any good digital solution starts with good software. That’s why their experts use the Dinerware POS system. Dinerware offers fast, reliable, and easy-to-use systems that make your servers’ jobs easier and more efficient. In fact, by speeding up the order-taking and payment processing, you increase the table turnover and raise profits.

Benefits of the Dinerware POS System

Heartland’s Dinerware POS system has been the industry leader for almost two decades. Their systems are in place in thousands of locations across the country. Dinerware systems are found in upscale and casual restaurants, bars, hotels, casinos, and more.

Features of the Dinerware system include:

  • Live System Technology—real-time changes occur without system restarts, meaning multiple people can perform simultaneous tasks
  • Integrate with Digital Signage—make a change in menu prices or update specials and it will change automatically in your digital signage or digital menu boards
  • Quick and Easy Menu Building—create new items or changes in seconds from any keyboard without system restart
  • Powerful Reports—more than 100 stock reports, including financial, payroll and voids, accessible from any terminal
  • Discount Rules—create dinner or happy hour specials and other promotions quickly and easily
  • Multiple Revenue Centers—categorize sales by area or type and define them to enhance reports
  • Inventory and Payroll Management—powerful tools help you manage payroll and inventory directly from the console or remotely
  • Bar Tabs—pre-charge customer credit cards with ease for bar tabs or integrate with popular, third-party apps

Automatically Updated Digital Signage

Of course, digital signs are more than just a luxury. In fact, they are now the standard in attracting customers, displaying content, and highlighting specials. By promoting high-margin items, you will instantly increase profits and the system will pay for itself quickly. MOXY Restaurant Solutions can help businesses use digital signs to save money and generate significant ROI. Best of all, they can even help create the content that drives these displays. Restaurants see up to 5% sales lift with the introduction of digital signs.

Online Ordering

Online ordering has become a hot topic in the industry. MOXY Restaurant Solutions has been designing custom solutions in this emerging field for more than 6 years. They have installed over 30 successful systems and have learned through experience what works and what doesn’t. Online ordering systems can drive incremental income, efficiency, and client acceptance. In today’s world, restaurants must consider online ordering to stay competitive. Learn how you can increase these sales, which are more profitable, since they require no table space or server time. Give MOXY Restaurant Solutions a call today at 336-588-9405 to see how they can get you started.