POS Systems Will Make Your Restaurant Run More Efficiently

Restaurants require efficiency to operate successfully. No tool is more important for a small business than robust point of sale systems to help things run smoothly. Also known as a POS, this system is the center of all things happening in the restaurant. With POS software, small business owners can manage inventory, process payment options and enhance the customer experience. But a POS is only as good as the company backing it. MOXY Restaurant Solutions uses only the latest and greatest POS software from the industry leader, Heartland. Make every customer happy by making payment a breeze and make things easy for your staff with powerful software. Whether you own one location, multiple, or even operate a franchise, every small business owner can benefit.

The Best Point of Sale Systems

The best point of sale systems combine powerful software with comprehensive customer service. With service from MOXY Restaurant Solutions, customers receive both. For almost two decades, Heartland has been pioneering POS software. Their latest offering, the Heartland Restaurant POS System, is their most innovative yet.

Heartland Restaurant offers a wide range of features for the customer and all staff, including:

  • Robust software—the mobile-responsive system offers conversational ordering, numerous display options and much more.
  • Control with an iPad—this system runs on the cloud for added convenience. Leverage the power, convenience, and user-friendly nature of Apple’s iPad hardware. Combined with cloud server technology, this is a revolutionary approach to POS.
  • Inventory management—track inventory through the software to know where everything stands. Reorder before it becomes crucial by staying ahead of the curve.
  • Payment options—Let customers offer payment right at the table or do it on the go. This can reduce wait time and increase number of customers.
  • Enhanced customer experience—Heartland Restaurant isn’t just an improvement for staff. It lets the customer have more control over their dining experience. They can pay at the table, order drinks, see specials, and much more.
  • Online ordering and loyalty programs—are all built into this system. Seamless integration with kitchen and payment processing makes these options more attractive to customers.
  • Powerful back-end analytics—track everything that happens with the POS software. Run reports and analytics that provide powerful insights on how to improve operations. On your mobile device, check real-time sales and compare to other time periods or other locations.

A Worthwhile Investment

As with all tools, point of sale systems are an investment in your business. While the cost may be higher than a traditional register, the benefits are much more numerous as well. With all the time and resources that a POS can save, they also generate significant ROI. Cut down costs by advertising frequently changing specials at the table. Reduce the time employees spend checking inventory by doing it through the POS. Track employee time sheets for more efficient payroll. There’s virtually no limit to the benefits that the Heartland Restaurant POS offers.

Benefit from Integration

Another huge benefit of this system is its integration with other services from MOXY Restaurant Solutions. Incorporate digital signage to attract new customers and generate new sales. Keep things sleek and modern with digital menus. The experts at MOXY Restaurant Solutions can integrate these other services with your POS system. Make your restaurant run even more efficiently by leveraging this synergy and operational efficiency.

So, are you ready to learn more? Give them a call today at 336-588-9405 to see how they can help improve your restaurant’s functioning.