POS System Basics: Why You Need One, Which to Choose and How to Get Started

If you’ve been putting off installing or updating a POS system for your restaurant, we’ve got some great news. MOXY Restaurant Solutions has made it incredibly easy to install a powerful POS in your establishment! Moreover, our specialty is using our end-to-end expertise to break down the barriers to upgrading your technology. MOXY will guide and support you on every step of the path toward a more efficient and customer-focused restaurant.

We offer:

    • Complete installation services for a turn-key POS solution
    • Integration with digital signage systems and with online ordering portals
  • 360º expertise from system design to support and troubleshooting

Why Your Restaurant Needs a POS System

It can be hard to break free from the way you’ve always done things. Maybe your restaurant is still running just fine with cash registers and paper tickets! However, the benefits far outweigh any costs you’ll bear to install and maintain a POS. What’s more, those costs can often be lower than you’d think when you’re working with a qualified professional partner.

    • Efficiency: A POS vastly streamlines your employees’ workflow, from order-taking to kitchen communication to payment processing.
    • Payment Options: POS software systems like our Heartland Dinerware POS offer integrated credit card payments. Therefore, no more gathering credit card receipts and reconciling them with your drawer at the end of the night.
    • Detailed Information: It’s great to be able to run all of your reports in one place. A good POS will allow you to access inventory, sales, and more at the push of a button.
  • Fidelity: With a good POS on your side, there’s always a record of what’s going on. Say goodbye to lost tickets and numbers that don’t add up.

Of course, in order to take full advantage of all these benefits, you’ll need the right hardware and software. We’re confident that once you know what Heartland Dinerware is capable of, you’ll see the benefits for yourself!

Heartland Dinerware: The Food Service Professional’s Choice

We chose to become a licensed Dinerware dealer because it’s a system that we truly believe in. Why is that? It all comes back to the customer’s experience, and Dinerware is a system built around that understanding.

Heartland Systems designed Dinerware in collaboration with business owners, chefs, and front-of-house staff. In fact, they developed software that empowers your staff to turn new guests into repeat customers and beyond. Furthermore, with Dinerware’s smooth operation and powerful options, the sky’s the limit for your restaurant:

    • Simple and flexible table and guest management. Splitting checks and items? Transferring checks from the bar to a table? Up-selling and adding on items? Coursing management? Dinerware makes them all a breeze.
    • Seamless integration with all aspects of your restaurant. Dinerware runs and issues gift cards, manages online orders, and processes credit card payments. And, it does it all with just the click of a few buttons! We can even set up your Dinerware system to integrate with MoxyVISION digital menu boards. You can update your entire menu automatically and on the fly from your POS! Control it all from one keyboard!
    • Powerful reporting functions. Customize your reports to show only the most relevant data with our Flex Reports feature. On top of that, our Dinerware Home Office app lets you access reports from any device, at any time.
  • Award-winning support from a team of trained technicians that’s on-call 24/7.

And that’s just the appetizer. Download the full Dinerware brochure to find out more about how this software can empower the way you do business! Then, just one more step — call MOXY Restaurant Solutions at 336-588-9405 or contact us online today. You’ll see with your own eyes how a great POS system can take your guest experience to the next level!