A POS System That Truly Performs


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A restaurant that’s coordinated is a restaurant that can focus on its guests. A point-of-sale system is a restaurant’s nervous system — the tool that lets each part know what the others are doing. You know that even though the POS system is mostly invisible to guests, it can make or break their experience. So, as an owner or manager, you’re probably looking for a system that’s powerful, flexible, and competitively priced. That means you’re looking for Dinerware, available from MOXY Restaurant Solutions.

What Makes a POS System Perform?

Technicians with years of experience in the restaurant industry developed the Dinerware POS system. It’s designed to be user-friendly and flexible for management, front-of-house, and kitchen staff. Each feature is the result of input from expert chefs, servers, and managers. The goal was to create a system with robust functionality and to deliver top-shelf guest experience.

Management Made Easy

  • Menu and Pricing Management: Dinerware allows real-time menu updates, pricing changes, discounts, comps, and promotions without restarting the system. Seamlessly automates gratuities and happy hour price changes from any terminal.
  • Dynamic Reports: Forget reams of unreadable printouts. Fully-integrated reporting systems make it easy and quick to run any report, any time. Server cash-outs, payroll management, and more are all available at the touch of a button.
  • Smart Permissions: Easily implement multiple jobs, remote manager access, swipe card systems, and PIN setups.

Front-of-House Flexibility

  • Adaptable Arrangements: Easily create, divide, and label server sections. Split, re-combine and move individual items and whole bills easily, to turn a major hassle into a breeze.
  • Bar Tab Management: Take the headache out of bar tabs with credit card pre-charging and easy interaction with Tabbed Out and other bar applications.
  • Two-Touch Fast Pay: Don’t bother navigating cumbersome menus to sell simple items –with Dinerware, enter most items with two button presses.

Back-of-House Performance

  • Integrated Scale Functionality: Easy and flexible setup for connecting a scale for weighed items.
  • Unified Online Ordering: No more forgetting online orders or dealing with difficult payment processing. Online orders flow through the same payment system you use for everything else and go straight to the kitchen.

If you’re assembling the pieces of a successful restaurant, a high-performance POS system is one you can’t afford to miss. MOXY Restaurant Solutions offers round-the-clock tech support and seamless integration with our MoxyVISION digital signage systems. Are you ready for the high-performance product and top-tier service that you need? Do you want to give your guests your full attention and offer them all possible ordering and payment options? When you’re ready for Dinerware, call us at 336-588-9405 or use the contact form on our page.