Restaurant Ads Increase Brand Awareness on Social Media & Online

restaurant adsNo matter what stage you are enjoying in your restaurant business ownership, restaurant ads are imperative. Not only does advertising bring in new customers, it reminds previous customers how fabulous you are. Creating a cohesive campaign to increase brand awareness online is crucial as well.

Often, owners and management teams have neither the time nor experience to properly create online marketing material. Therefore, you need an established resource to give you advice. Fortunately, MOXY Restaurant Solutions can help with that and more!

Initially, ask yourself what current steps you are taking to grow your restaurant. Do you rely primarily on word-of-mouth? Or, are you currently running a marketing campaign and restaurant ads on multiple platforms? Perhaps, your business fits somewhere in between. Either way, we have some tips to improve your presence in the digital world of promotion and marketing.

Restaurant Ads and Digital Advertising

Before you begin the preliminary step, you need to know a very important thing about your restaurant. What is your brand or image? Primarily, understanding your brand helps you focus your campaign and even determine your audience. Without that knowledge, it’s even harder to know where to begin. However, don’t worry if you can’t yet put it into words. MOXY Restaurant Solutions is a full-service agency capable of helping you build your brand as well.

Once you have your brand image sorted out, you can begin your restaurant ads online. First, you need to know your options. Included are:

    • Marketing S.E.M. (Search Engine Marketing)
    • PPC Advertising (Pay-Per-Click Google Ads Campaigns)
    • Display Advertising (Graphics-Based Ads)
    • Retargeting
  • Social Media Advertising

Since there are many options in the online advertising marketplace, it’s important to approach the task two-fold. Both your business needs and your target market must play into your overall plan. Furthermore, it’s imperative to realize that each prospective customer relates to online advertising uniquely. Therefore, your campaign needs a multi-channel approach. For instance, some customers click on AdWords while others respond to display advertising. Our team has a deep understanding of how prospects interact with multiple platforms. Therefore, we create plans that work together to reduce your costs and improve conversions.

Two of the most powerful ways to attract customers is via PPC Advertising and Display Advertising. In addition to targeting prospects by keywords, you can also target specific demographic groups. Whether you are a small business or large franchise, these methods can ramp up sales quickly.

Similarly, retargeting is another useful method to re-corral potential customers. Essentially, you tag a website visitor with a code when they view your website. Then, you can show them ads after they’ve left to remind them of your services and fabulous food!

Social Media for Restaurants

Social media advertising includes anything from Facebook, Instagram , nd Twitter to LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus. Ultimately, developing a strong social media presence is also instrumental in building your brand. In fact, companies that invest in this medium reap the rewards of the best R.O.I. you can get. But, doing it right takes time, experience and the proper tools.

Keep in mind, social media isn’t simply about posting massive amounts of content and then waiting for returns. Actually, it involves numerous critical steps. Most importantly, you need relevant content that relates to your brand and target audience. Then, you must post this information at opportune moments to best reach your audience on social channels.

Keep in mind, it doesn’t end there. Social media analytics provide feedback on how well your content is working. Moreover, the information gathered creates further opportunities to leverage and expand your audience. For instance, this information is useful in your social media advertising campaigns. In fact, targeted Facebook ads are fantastic ways to bring in new customers who currently visit your competition.

Finally, you must engage with your audience. If you don’t respond to customers, they lose interest. Obviously, this can be incredibly time-consuming. As with the tasks listed above, this is yet another service that MOXY Restaurant Solutions offers.

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